LFCS – File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

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Everyone probably uses FTP at one point or another. In this article, we will set up an FTP server and configure it for anonymous connections. We will also set it up to be used as a repository and...

DCA – 04 – Running Containers

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The information in this article is basic knowledge you need to know when dealing with Docker and running containers. I have covered some of this already, but I want to make sure we cover it and it...

Ubuntu 22.04 on Surface Pro 7+

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I have to admit, I've thought about getting a Surface Pro for a long time. After I bought one, I realized what an amazing piece of hardware it is. It's a tablet running on Windows 11. Then I...

LFCS – BIND DNS Management

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This LFCS article is starting a completely new section for managing services.

Because we are getting to a new area, you can scrap out your Virtual Machines or real systems that you are using to...

DCA - 03 - Docker Images and Tags

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When dealing with Docker, you will need to have images to work with.

A Docker image is a package of software, which is executable, and includes everything you need to run the application or...

Learning python with OpenAI's ChatGPT

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ChatGPT can be super helpful in helping you to create or modify code. For a fun exercise I recently asked it to write a "dead man's switch" style script in python. Specifically to check if there...

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