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So I applied for my Australian citizenship a few days ago; let’s see how it goes and how many more papers they ask for!
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Thanks all!

@wizardfromoz I am Spanish, and yes we can maintain both citizenships. We just need to make a declaration at the Spanish Consulate so that we intend to keep being Spanish (hahaha!) within 3 years from obtaining the Australian one.
Indeed, my 10 months old daughter already has both citizenships as she got the Spanish one by descent. She will have to do the exact same declaration from the moment she turns 18 and before 3 years from then.
@Condobloke yes, indeed, I am on a permanent resident visa (skilled worker). Thanks!
My friend became an orphan after his mom died back in January, and now his grandma died. One option he has is to get a job where I'm at (because he's been unemployed for a few years), have his house's landlord pair him up with two roommates, and split the costs with them. Another option would be to move in with his uncle who lives out of state. I'm hoping the former works out because he's like a brother to me.
Hi Wiz,
I apologise for posting in the "how-does-a-guy-well-you-know-have-a-conversation.36579/#post-135015" when no-one was supposed to at that stage, I should have read your posting about not doing so. Anyway I apologise for doing that it was stupid on my part.