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I just realized this forum is pretty small. I see about 500 non-logged in users at once, but as far as accounts that are logged in at once, I typically only see a few. Sometimes I even may be the only one online. Very interesting... usually when I see a public service on the Internet I imagine thousands or even millions of users flooding the servers on a daily basis.
We have maybe between 35,000 and 40,000 members, from all around the globe, but there are seldom more than 10 logged in at a time. Many prefer to just browse without logging in, and just log in when they have a question or have input. Cheers, Wizard.
hi jarred.got pc sorted .got a proper dvd and loaded it in fresh..did the other old one and the laptop too so im now windows free.got some {4gb{ ddr2 644//800 sticks so the old one is now not lagging on the old 500mb ddr5300 it had fitted.bought a netgear nas too off ebay so next thing will be to load it up on the more modern pc and do some fiddling to learn to use it.all the gear ...no idea..lol..