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Hei, apa kalian tau software komputer pertama didunia?
Maksud ku apa kalian tau mengenai orang yang membuat software itu dan seperti apa proses nya? Apakah tidak jauh beda dengan jaman sekarang?
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The first electronic programmable computer, was developed by the British during WW2, and called colossus, no screen no keyboard, it used preprogramed Jacard tapes and printer,
I started in the early 1980s playing with an IBM compatible the OS was IBM basic, which developed into IBM OS [the granddaddy of Linux and IOS]
I just tested googles version of A.I. gemini. I asked it to write three different bash scripts. Although it came close not one of them would run without modification. I am not a good coder but it appears I can outperform Google. I think the earth is safe from an A.I takeover..... :)
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Yeah proprietary AI models are seemingly meh. I've been using Mixtral through Ollama lately and it's been pretty good; but I've also been working on my model for like 6 months lol. It's a fun thing to play with for sure!
Pit Kernel is real-time graphics and audio processing library. Pit Kernel is a program within the framework of Pit Sys, with the help of which artists can create audio with better quality and more graphics.