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@wizardfromoz As good as those iconic songs are, it wasn't until "These Dreams" in 1985 that they got their first No. 1 song. And it took Nancy taking the lead with a bad cold during recording to get it. Hard to believe when you think about the 3 you shared.

Dylan Wright from the Northern Rivers District in New South Wales won last night's series of Australian Idol.

I thought anyone in the top 6 could be worthy winners, and I hope they all go on to succeed.

Here's Dylan's spin on an Elton John classic Tiny Dancer, and also INXS Never Tear Us Apart


Brian showing some of his roots - Condobolin. (condobloke) - Shannon Noll was runnerup in the first Australian Idol in 2003, and this year's winner, Dylan Wright was only 10 or so and a huge fan.

This year, they got together for a wonderful duet.

I think the the biggest growth during the season was that of Isaac McCallum.

Isaac is from coastal town Ulladullah in the south of New South Wales.

There, he had been a trolley boy (gathers up shopping karts in carparks), a busker, and homeless.

He had some problems with his lyrics in early performances, then they gave him a makeover, he worked his arse off, and made it to the top 6. I would pay to see him perform.

Here is a collection of his efforts.

The last song in particular is a winner. Damn good !
Aw, mate, I cant say enough about the guy, I really, really hope he makes it.

That could be said of any of the top 6, even the top 12.

The old fella seen there is his proud Granddad.

Kyle Sandilands was his harshest critic, but in the end was a big fan. Isaac listened to the judges, and put everything they said into context, and just grew and grew, and gained in confidence and self-esteem. He just touched me.
I think this one is especially appropriate for me right now. I'm finally getting out of this state, away from the reminders, going some other place with nothing to hold me back anymore, nothing standing between me and my dreams


I saw Three Dog Night about a decade ago. They were all old at the time, like much older than I was at the time. They still put on a pretty solid show. They've set way more records than people probably think.
John Farnham - "Age of Reason"

I look forward to his return, after his recent bout of ill health

One of, if not The, best voices ever......regardless of country of origin.

Here is again....with Jimmy Barnes

Lol, Brian, I almost posted the same song.

I was Googling

farnsy barnesy

to see what I could find of the pair of them, because I knew they had performed together.

(Shuffles off to search some more.)
Nearly 5 years since I featured this song, so I'll re-run it with a video version.

The Church - "Under The Milky Way"

Here's a couple from GANGgajang - "Giver of Life"

and older Aussies will be able to pick a few RV Celebs here, in "Hundreds of Languages"

Listen to this....these guys are good.

Very very nice, ta for sharing.

I like the cellist.

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