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  • How to get parrot-home-5.0_amd64.iso on to a usb 64Go but... "persistant" with either "balenaEtcher" or "Rufus" or in the terminal de parrot with :-
    sudo su
    wipefs /dev/sdb
    wipefs -o 0x8001 -f /dev/sdb
    mkdir -p /mnt/usb
    mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/usb
    echo "/ union" "greater then sign" /mnt/usb/persistence.conf

    Please, some easy guide lines.... if poss :confused: Thanks...
    hello, would you please be able to assist me on a question i posted on the general forum. the title is about bitlocker for linux. please and thnk you
    Had a dreadful time last evening, the telephone went down followed by the internet, whist I was trying to answer a few questions, tried to phone the faults department, only to find they shut 8pm to 8am, well the net came back on, then off, then on and has stayed on, but my sync speed is only 5mbs it should be 36mbs,
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