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    Linux on SSD

    State make and full model number, I will check my list [buts its not complete]
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    Linux on SSD

    Why Linux fails to load, common reasons 1] Corrupt download [check SHA sum] 2] bad burn to installation medium [try again] [if you used Rufus then try Balina-etcher 3] Wind 8.2 and higher quick start/fast boot or secure boot not disabled [doesn't normally apply to older versions] 4] defective...
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    Change language and external monitor blank

    you should be able to do that in languages usually found under preferences
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    Pls help getting update error

    That is going to be your main problem, you must expect to have problems with bleeding edge distributions they tend not to be very stable it may be the servers were down due to nightly updates Did you bother to read the Kali full documentation? It clearly states Kali is for experienced Linux...
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    kinetic Release no longer has a Release file

    Welcome to the forums see
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    best distro for my specs?

    You have an entry level machine, from 2018 [or thereabouts] it is capable of running any distribution you choose, However it will not be the fastest for its age, I recommend you consider either a lightweight or medium weight build, some which may suite include Light weight,. Antix Linux lite...
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    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora.

    Some distributions say they are Secure boot compatible, but It's not always so, so I always say disable to avoid possible problems this is a new development, I have not used Windows for many years, this is a new development of which I know little, except its an additional bit of control...
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    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora.

    That question needs to be reversed, it's not if the laptop supports Linux but dose Linux support the laptop. Lenovo are one of the best machines for using any Linux on, the only thing to remember is you may need to do a bit of work setting up and installing the odd driver, Fedora is a RHEL...
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    Remember me mentioning my computer issues?

    If you wish to upgrade the CPU my list [below] of compatible ones show the increase in speed over the i5-6500, the best option is the i7-6700 as the 6700K runs faster BUT it also runs much hotter [98 W] and will cause heat dispersal problems in such a small case Core i7-6700 4 8 3.4 GHz 4...
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    Remember me mentioning my computer issues?

    No if you have not done a SFF one before. But they are all similar whatever brand, and I do have the advantage of having worked on most case types over the years of repairing/upgrading for friends and family, you just have to be a bit more careful as everything is crammed in. oh check the ram...
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    Remember me mentioning my computer issues?

    They are simple like my HP, make sure there are no security screws along the top back flange of the top cover if so release the top cover by moving the plastic locking tab at the back, then remove the front cover, this gives access to the HD tray, there should be something like a...
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    Remember me mentioning my computer issues?

    I always used thumb screws when I used to build and maintain my own,, and Yes the first time I crawled inside the HP desktop I now use, I swapped out the posi drive screws for thumb screws.
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    I couldn't install AceStream

    its a bit old but should work, installing from a snap package
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    Just finished updating my 13 yr old laptop [spec below] it took 75 minuets, no problems at all Machine: Type: Portable System: Dell product: Inspiron 1545 v: N/A serial: <superuser required> Mobo: Dell model: 0G848F serial: <superuser required> BIOS: Dell v: A14 date: 12/07/2009...
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    Anyone like classical music?

    How about a little twist on a great classic.