Rock Roxx

Oh no, Stan - if mine did not deserve a groan, that does :D

I like a bit of Bryan Adams, though.

Avagudweegend, mate.

Nice one, Tina!

It's only a few weeks to Rock Roxx's 5th birthday, we'll have to do something special for that.

Probably showing my age, and no politics allowed, but if people could just share the music such as has been shared in this thread, maybe we could have world peace. I may be dreaming, but it works for me.

"Precious" by Gollum​

Two of my all time favorite female rockers. I'll never forget Lita's original video for this song. And Lzzy Hale. Easy on the eyes and she uses every bit of her lungs when she sings.
I still have a vinyl EP (extended play) of this in my collection.

Stevie Wright, formerly of the Easy Beats, with Evie Parts I, II, and III

Sting - "Fields of Gold"

Sammy was my first love. And yes, I'm Van Hagar all the way.
We drive at 62 and a half, if that helps Sammy. 100 kph.

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