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Rock Roxx

Judas Priest - Trial By Fire​


C. W. McCall Convoy
Mason Proffit: Two Hangmen
This is not rock, more sort of comedy/folk , but I think some may like it

Their first two albums were the best IMO
Amy Shark with Keith Urban - "Love Songs Ain't For Us"

A little Billy Joel - "Prelude/Angry Young Man"


Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (Live at River Plate)​

ZZ Top with a light-hearted number

Velcro Fly

I spotted Kylie Minogue dancing to it (red dress).

Sadly, I think Miley is headed for Anorexia, if she is not already there. Pressures of showbiz, I guess.

Maybe still trying to look like the 'new young things'
This is my favourite of Mylie's, Elaine and I used to really enjoy it.

It's from the Howard Stern Show in 2017, and so there is a bit of interview before launching into the song.

It also gives an idea of how her voice was before the throat surgery a couple of years later.

You bugger, you guessed I was thinking of posting that, lol.

Wonderful music.