Rock Roxx

Some classic rock from the 1950's,

One of my favorites from the 50s:

Same song live in '74 (first 10 seconds or so is kinda rough):

For those that may like their music a little harder. I ran across this band just yesterday.

Trust me. This isn't everyone's cup of tea! (The second one is a bit milder).

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When people ask me what kind of music I like I answer "Good music. Good music is not limited by time or genre".

Sorry, I just had to slip that in!!
I don't know much of her music, but Taylor Swift is touring Australia at the moment, and has just performed to the largest audience of her career (96,000 people) at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Here's one of hers - "Blank Space"

Taylor Swift...

The latest conspiracy theory is that she somehow rigged the Super Bowl.
It gets more and more bizarre, makes my head spin!

For those outside of the US, the Super Bowl is final game of the football season. American football is not what we call soccer.
I love this song, but the video for this one is a little disturbing.

^^ brilliant !
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