A Frank Discussion About The Linux.org Rules; For Your Edification

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Jul 23, 2020
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*puts on my moderator hat*

Hello folks. I promise to keep this short and I want to thank you for reading. This is just a reminder, to keep these things fresh in your memory, or to ensure our newer members know the guidelines.

We here at Linux.org are pretty lenient when it comes to moderation. However, there are times when people feel inclined to ignore the rules and we are forced to act. To be completely open, we delete almost nothing and ban maybe a few members per year - most of them spammers, some just jerks.

Think of this as a house party, except one where we try to educate and help others. Like all good parties, we have to have some rules. Remember, that it's impossible to enumerate all possible violations, so we require you to act in a reasonable manner.

That said, we need to enumerate these rules. This is an attempt to do just that.

First, a generic rule: We're a PG-13 site. Act like it. We have children who sometimes use the forum and they don't need to see vulgarities, especially the f-bomb.

Next, we have a few no-go subjects. It can be REALLY hard to have conversations without touching on these subjects and that's okay. If it concerns those subjects, no matter how important you think it is, this is not the site for that discussion. These subjects are chosen to keep the site drama-free, inasmuch as humanly possible. This is a technical forum, not a generic forum. Off-Topic didn't even exist for a while. Our concentration should be more or less on the technical side, but we're still a community.

We will not discuss politics.
We will not discuss religion.
We will not discuss things of a sexual nature - including your sexuality or sexual preferences.

This is not subject to debate. This is not something you can argue about or reason with. This is not something you get to decide doesn't apply to you. It applies to everyone, including me. And, really, it can be REALLY hard to discuss things like software freedom without also discussing politics.

No, there are no exceptions. There are no special circumstances. These are in and above the other basic rules like common courtesy and decency, no spam, no referral links, etc... (For example, we will let you link to your site if you're a regular contributor or run a FOSS project like the inxi, Gecko Linux, and Expirion Linux sites.)

It's pretty much commonsense. If you stay within these guidelines, we will never have a bad interaction. We moderators are lazy beer drinkers and we don't actually want to enforce the rules. Please, for the love of Bacchus, please don't make us do our jobs.

Again, thanks for your attention. We do what we can to keep things running well. It's much easier if you help us along the way!

*removes moderator hat*

An additional word or 20 from Wizard

This is to make Policy and Rules more broadly known across the Forums rather than just in Off Topic - Cheers
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