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While Linux.org has been around for a while, we recently changed management and had to purge most of the content (including users). If you signed up before April 23rd, 2017 please sign up again. Thanks!

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Aug 18, 2018 at 3:31 PM
Oct 27, 2011
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updating some things.. added a specific section for articles and put them on the front page May 12, 2017

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Aug 18, 2018 at 3:31 PM
    1. Dav¡1d
      This is awesome! Hum' yeap, AWESOME.
    2. Sofiqul Islam
      Sofiqul Islam
      I want to change my username (profile url). How to do it?
      1. Dav¡1d likes this.
      2. LinuxFan1208
        Sorry but I don't think that's possible.
        Jul 13, 2018
      3. arochester
        You could just leave this username in place and open another with the new username
        Jul 13, 2018
      4. Rob
        Oops.. i can change your name.. what do you want it to be?
        Jul 27, 2018
    3. arabmoni
      i am new here, i really need help in learning pen testing and much about linux
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      2. atanere
        The skills needed for pen testing are the same skills criminals use to break into computer networks... we won't teach you that. We will help you to learn Linux, but you need special security school or university to advance into a network security career. Please post questions on the forums and not on people's personal Profile page. Thanks!
        Jun 26, 2018
    4. Britney4209
      I am new i just want all the advice i can get
      1. wizardfromoz
        Hi Britney & welcome to linux.org :) - Rob is busy keeping the whole shebang afloat, so I'd suggest you go to the Forums - Getting Started is a good spot, click on the right to start a new thread and ask away :) Chris Turner wizardfromoz
        Jun 13, 2018
        atanere likes this.
    5. Deckwench
      Not much in the way of traffic and no responses to my question at "Installation of ubuntu." Is that because there are no good solutions other than goosing the hardware, or because local tribal custom assumes I will post a totally new question in a brand new thread?

      1. atanere
        Hi @Deckwench, I'll try to answer that for you. It is generally the custom to open your own threads to ask questions Taking over someone else's thread is sometimes referred to as "hijacking." Please be patient for responses as we are all volunteers here (from all over the world). Thanks for your understanding. Cheers
        May 22, 2018
        Deckwench likes this.
      2. Deckwench
        Ahh, thanks! I thought I was saving <cyber>trees by reusing a thread. I shall post anew!
        May 22, 2018
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    6. Parthkotak.10
      Hello Rob, can you please help me to know where can i get source code of Linux and ubntu thanks in advance for your help !!
    7. Sudhanshu Saurav
      Sudhanshu Saurav
      Hi Rob,
      can you please send me the repository link of Test Harness for Instruction Emulation.
    8. guanxiux
      Hello, Rob. It's me.
    9. Dennis
      Hi Rob, I have been using Ubuntu on my laptop and debian on my tower. I like both distributions. I also use raspian stretch on my raspberry pis. I look forward to learning more from this website as well as contributing my own experience.
    10. TnTalker2
      Thanks for reaching out to me.
      -Am seeking technical help.
      -have just passed the tech and general tests
      -MBP OSX 10.13.4-
      -Elecraft K3s. install antenna in May.
      - Want to start with FLdigi. Tried to install and configure FLdigi on the MBP. I continue to fail.
      - I need technical talent to help me move forward.
      1. VP9KS
        Jun 4, 2018
    11. aaronzhang
      hello it's me
    12. Hechengguang
    13. Jerin Taylor
      Jerin Taylor
      I’m Jerin’s Taylor
    14. srikanth yasala
    15. Barni
    16. thebestlexi
      i need help with something guys
      1. arochester
        Apr 2, 2018
    17. thebestlexi
    18. krist
      Is there any possibility in Linux, to convert the format, from Simrad to the use of the Caris program
    19. ian jannasch
      ian jannasch
      my laptop has not an ethernet port. i managed to install linux mint on the laptop but not the wifi. I redone the computer but after the first it do not want to install any linux version of mint. it runs on the usb but do not install. any advice
      1. arochester
        Mar 10, 2018
    20. Vukotic Christine
      Vukotic Christine
      A quoi sert linux? Est-ce comme Google ou Firefox?
      1. atanere
        I removed 2 of your 3 posts asking the same question. The "Profile Page" (of any user) is not a good place to ask technical questions. Please open a new thread in one of the forums and ask your question there. English is preferred. Thanks.
        Mar 8, 2018
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