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    Fix error Apache2 debian 9 server

    Hey there @vask0, The error listed in your error message is: Syntax error on line 146 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/geoip.load So you should look in those two places to see what's there.. also, if you do the journalctl -xe when you try the...
  2. Rob

    Search function problem

    Strange, I'll have to take a look. Let me try re-indexing and see if that helps..
  3. Rob

    Ad blocking in Android

    You can turn those off, they're opt-in. If you leave em on you actually get paid to view them.
  4. Rob

    Linux App Lock

    They do show a free to use version: https://webconverger.com/pricing/
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    Ok - and who owns the files? root or the individual users? I'd def say you have something going on there.. and would recommend installing cxs and running a scan. It'd go through and find anything else that was installed and quarantine them. If you don't go the cxs route, look at the file...
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    So you run a hosting server w/ a bunch of virtual hosts.. and it's in their public_html directory? What's the filename? Same filename on each?
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    I threw that into a code block for you.. Can you give us a little background on where this was located, etc.. ? I use cxs on all my servers to pick up bad things.. https://configserver.com/cp/cxs.html
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    Preferred OS for servers.

    While I made sure to know all of the differences and how to use each professionally, my go-to for servers is CentOS.. I respect the Debian choosers, however :) At work, Ubuntu server is really gaining popularity.. not sure why.
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    syntax error near unexpected token ('

    I didn't even realize i was looking at spaces in a filename there.. that's why I asked for a direct copy/paste to figure out :) . Good catch guys.
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    Having issue installing fedora 30

    @Burdenluv did you figure it out?
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    Dual Monitor Low Resolution on one monitor

    Are they both plugged in w/ the same technology? ie: both hdmi or both dvi etc..?
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    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    Hey there, You could keep your 1tb drive mounted at /hdd - make sure it's in /etc/fstab to come up on boot.. then, add directories that may fill up like /var and/or /home on there, and symlink the real /home and /var to those spots. You'd want/need to copy everything over to the new...
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    SOLVED Windows open partly or mostly off screen to the right, depending on icons location on desktop

    Glad to hear you got it fixed up - thanks for posting the resolution! Sorry no one got to your question while you were waiting..
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    syntax error near unexpected token ('

    Good morning, I'm having a hard time trying to see part of your command.. looks like you're blocking a domain name perhaps. can copy/paste the commands along with the errors and paste them here?
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    [SOLVED] Low disk space on “Filesystem root” 0 bytes disk remaining

    Great to hear - yeah, I wanted to see the 'df -h' to see what was filled up. Then, I was going to help you still down. From your screenshot, it looks like you're close to 100% on a couple other partitions as well..