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    The Wizard "Channel" ... Service Interrupted - Briefly I hope!

    Glad you're ok man! Stay safe!
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    Help with counting results

    Well, he could just find ./ -type f -iname "*.dbf" && find ./ -type f -iname "*.dbf" | wc -l
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    Help with counting results

    I'd change it up to - iname so you also see the DBF results.. but you're asking to see the list of them as well as the count?
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    Use an SSH key to log into a remote server

    When you ssh into a remote server, the safest way is to use an ssh key. This video shows you how to create the key, explains the files created by the ssh-keygen command, and shows you how to copy your public key to the remote server. Please subscribe if you liked this video - we're trying to...
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    Kali linux help

    I'm not sure of the question?
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    Installation of Kali Linux 2019.3

    Hey Griyan, He's hinting that you're probably not ready for Kali unless you have the experience in Linux to be able to troubleshoot some things.. or know that you'd need to post more information than "installation failed" in a forum to get some assistance with it. You'd want to post some...
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    mounting NAS on CentOS 6.1

    I'd let it error out and see what you can get from it. See if it times out or whatever. Also, maybe look in /var/log/messages to see if there's any hints.. maybe even typing dmesg to see if there's anything
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    mounting NAS on CentOS 6.1

    Hey there, welcome to the forum! Couple obvious questions.. what do you get if you ping chinchilla? Also, you aren't seeing any error messages at all when doing these commands?
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    ls and gzip

    Hey there - generally, you don't want to base the output of a command on hoping ls did its job, but i've done it in the past.. For the ls -l you're going to get a string of different things.. the permissions, the date, the size, name of file, etc.. so while you can grep for "Aug 1", the xarg...
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    Hello, everyone

    Hey there dotKer - welcome! You'll want to look up things like "install lamp on ubuntu" .. LAMP for Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP.. there are a bunch of great tutorials out there!
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    Issue with linux inside docker container. Works on one windows 10 machine but not on another?

    Hey there, I'm curious as to why it's working on one and failing on the other - the clues may be in the differences in those two machines? Same OS version, same hardware or are there differences?
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    batch rename PDFs based on a specific form field

    You could use the rename command - i've used it in the past.. the options are different however (at least when I last used it) comparing centos and debian/ubuntu.. Here's a tutorial on it that i wrote a while ago:
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    How do I run the Scripts in the Startup

    Hey there - I've done this on a couple servers in the past. You can put a line in your crontab that starts with @reboot and it should run each time the machine is started up - or rebooted. Like: @reboot /path/to/your/script
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    apt-get confussion

    @Matthew1974 - welcome to the forum! sudo can get very granular, for instance you can add a user to sudoers and allow him to do anything, or limit them to just one (or a few commands). Here's a short video...
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    Arecord problem

    Hey there - welcome to the forum! I clicked on this one thinking you were talking about an 'A' record for dns, but alas, it's the arecord application lol. I can't help you here, but perhaps someone else will come along soon - Good luck!