DCA - 09 - Scaling Docker Services with Replication

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When you create a new service, it runs on one node by default. You can replicate a service to multiple nodes if needed.

Having one instance will not provide instant fault tolerance. If a service...

BASH Dice Game

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Previously, I did an article on a BASH card game called Go Fish. In this article, I will make a Yahtzee style game in BASH. The completed game is downloadable from below.

Let's go over some of...

Installing and Playing Pingus

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It has been a while since I have really done an article on a Linux game. This one caught my eye because my kids always loved Lemmings. Just a few weeks ago, they broke out an emulator and played...

LFCS – DNS and E-mail (Ubuntu and some CentOS)

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Okay, I looked back over the LFCS – BIND DNS Management, and noticed that the instructions were not complete. I...

DCA – 08 – Containers and Services

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In Docker and on swarms, you can have containers and services.

We will go over some differences and set these up.

Basically, a container runs on one host and a service is on one or more. Let's...

BASH Card Game

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BASH can be a very useful tool when in a terminal of Linux (for those that use BASH). When people ask how to learn a language for programming, scripting can be no different, my answer is to write...

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