LFCS – Understanding PXE Boot

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The Preboot Execution Environment (PXE), commonly referred to as 'pixie', is a means to boot from a Network Interface Card (NIC) to the network. Once booted, the Dynamic Host Configuration...

DCA – 06 – Docker Registry

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A Docker Registry is a local system that acts as a hub to upload and download Docker images. The Docker Registry is a repository of the images that you made or downloaded.

The Docker Registry...

Trying Out Some Nautilus Extensions

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Nautilus is the default File Manager used on the GNOME desktop in Ubuntu.

For those of you use Nautilus as your default File Manager, I am going to cover some extensions that you can add to make...

Manipulating PDFs with PDFsam

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Many people use PDF files for sending and reading documents. A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a format to store text and images in their original layout. This means that if you create a PDF...

Elevate Your Terraform Game: Helpful Tools for Linux Users"

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As a popular infrastructure as code tool, Terraform has revolutionized the way software developers deploy and manage cloud resources. However, Terraform's command-line interface can be...

LFCS – Setting up a DHCP Server

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Most people may not deal directly with a Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) Server. Everyone will connect to the internet at times and their device is assigned an IP Address. A DHCP Server...

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