USB over IP on Linux: Setup, Installation, and Usage

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USB over IP is a TCP/IP Protocol to allow access of a remote USB device to a client system.

The USBIP Protocol, more information on the protocol, can be found at...

LFCS - Installing and Understanding XRDP

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We are starting a new section on the LFCS Certification. This section deals with Virtualization.

For this section, we will reinstall CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 all over. Make sure you follow the...

DCA 14 - Understanding Docker Network Types

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Within Docker, there are five network specifications available. We will cover the differences of each and give some examples of setting the driver up.

These are like the networking in VirtualBox...

Working With Ubuntu Pro

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With the standard LTS version of Ubuntu, you may see that there are extra updates available when you perform an update. To get these extra patches, you need Ubuntu Pro.

Ubuntu Pro provides more...

Working With Linux Fonts (Microsoft Core Fonts, etc)

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Linux comes with quite a few pre-installed fonts, especially if your distro comes with a word processor. Most word processors come with their own fonts.

Adding fonts is an easy task, just...

LFCS - Understanding and Using SELinux

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SELinux stands for Security Enhanced Linux. Security is enabled that causes security to lock down access to the system. SELinux is a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) which is part of the Kernel to...

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