Ubuntu 22.04 on Surface Pro 7+

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I have to admit, I've thought about getting a Surface Pro for a long time. After I bought one, I realized what an amazing piece of hardware it is. It's a tablet running on Windows 11. Then I...

LFCS – BIND DNS Management

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This LFCS article is starting a completely new section for managing services.

Because we are getting to a new area, you can scrap out your Virtual Machines or real systems that you are using to...

DCA - 03 - Docker Images and Tags

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When dealing with Docker, you will need to have images to work with.

A Docker image is a package of software, which is executable, and includes everything you need to run the application or...

Learning python with OpenAI's ChatGPT

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ChatGPT can be super helpful in helping you to create or modify code. For a fun exercise I recently asked it to write a "dead man's switch" style script in python. Specifically to check if there...

Hands on with lsof

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lsof stands for "List Open Files," and as the name implies, it's a command-line tool in Linux that provides a detailed list of all open files on the system. Open files in this context refer to any...

The Vim Text Editor

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I use Vim, all my homies use Vim.. do you use Vim? Vim is a powerful and popular text editor for Linux that is known for its efficiency and flexibility. It is widely used by developers and system...

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