Compiling Your Own Linux Kernel (Red Hat)

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For this article, I list the title as Red Hat, but I have only tested this on CentOS 9 and Fedora 39.

I am also compiling these on new installs as a virtual machine on Oracle's VirtualBox.


Installing Batocera: Linux Gaming Distribution

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Batocera is a gaming OS that you can install on a PC, Single Board Computer (SBC), Steamdeck and others. The OS support is for multiple SBC devices, not just Raspberry Pi devices.

This article...

Python Series Part 1: Installing and Configuring Python 3

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As of the writing of this article, the release of Python version 3.11 is the newest. Python is a programming language that you can use for writing programs.

I will cover many areas of the Python...

LFCS - Virtual Networking

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When you use virtual machines, not VirtualBox, on Linux, you will also have a Virtual Network. Let's look at these a little close before we create Virtual Machines.

I will cover Virtual Machines...

Run Any Linux App on Any Distro with Distrobox

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Sometimes, there may be an app that you want to run, but it is available only on a certain distro. What can you do? Download the source code and try to compile it for your distro?

Now you can do...

Compiling Your Own Linux Kernel (Debian)

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Many people may be fine using the standard default kernel that comes with your distro. There are some out there who may want to make their own kernel.

For a special system in your life, you know...

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