LFCS – Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)

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With every type of Operating System (OS), there needs to be security in place. With CentOS or Ubuntu, there is the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM).

The files allow you to configure...

Big Sur (11.06) on Linux

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Quite a few people go through their life with a PC. They are content to use Linux or Windows but have never seen MacOS. Some people may have a desire to see and use MacOS and yet not want to buy...

LFCS - Managing Groups

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The previous article covered Managing Users. Administrators need to be able to not only manage new and existing users, but also the Groups that the users can belong to on a system.

Keep in mind...

Android 9 on Linux

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Many people would sometimes like to have access to Android. In this article, I will cover the steps to install Android 9 on a Virtual Box machine.

Having access to Android on your system can...

LFCS – User Account Management

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With any Linux system, you may need to add users. Additional Users may be needed when adding Services such as Samba. Being able to manage user accounts is a very important task, especially if...

Parallel Clustering

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Parallel Clustering allows for multiple systems to run programs together as if they were one system. A Parallel Cluster is also called a Beowulf Cluster.

In my previous article...

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