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Multi-boot Full Install to a USB

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Sometimes you may need a ‘Fix Stick’ to repair to test a system. But what if there is a mix of Distros you deal with? For instance, some systems are Ubuntu based and others are Red Hat. You may...

Tell me what you want to learn

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I'm relaunching my Youtube channel and looking for ideas. Let me know what you want to learn - after you like and subscribe of course on the video below, lol.. :cool...

Docker Compose

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With Docker you can create containers and get other systems to interact with the containers. It can occur that you may want to create multiple containers at once.

Multiple containers can be...

LFCS – File Permissions

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Learning about file permissions for the LFCS exam is important, but it is also very important to know in everyday use of Linux.

Keep in mind that all of the file permissions are used for...

LFCS - Root Permissions

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Part of any Linux system as well as the LFCS exam, is the understanding and use of Root permissions.
Root permissions give access to the permissions to perform any function on a Linux system...

ISO File Manipulation

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The ISO file is a standard (ISO-9660) to store data on optical media. In some cases the image is an exact duplicate of a disk. The data being saved can not only include the files themselves, but...

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