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Prince of Persia – DOSBox and Native

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In 1989, one of the best games, that ended up on many consoles, was released. Prince of Persia started on the Apple II. In 1990, they ported it to MS-DOS.

They eventually ported the game to these...

LFCS – Turning a System Into a Router

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There are times you may want to set up a system to act as a go between for a network and the Internet.

This ‘go between’ is a system that acts as a router and is designated as a gateway for the...

Bash 09 – Functions

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We have covered all of Bash, except for Functions. Functions can be very helpful for a script.

If you have any programming experience, then you should already have an understanding of the...

VirtualBox Explored (Part 2)

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I am sorry to have had to split the article up, but it was getting too long. The second part goes into the aspects of using more of the various features of VirtualBox.

There should hopefully be...

Steam Game Server

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Quite a few people use Steam to play games. Sometimes, some people may want to play a multi-player game with only immediate family. This article can help you create your own server to use.


LFCS – Network Management

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These days, we connect nearly all computers to a network in some manner. Whether the connection is Ethernet (hard-wired) or Wi-Fi, there is a method of sharing data or accessing shared data.


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