LFCS - Setting Up A Web Application

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The LFCS exam requires knowledge of setting up a web application. In this article, we will set up a Hypertext PreProcessor (PHP). We will also create a small app using PHP in HTML.

We will not...

Installing and Playing SuperTux Advanced

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SuperTux Advanced is a game similar to SuperTux. The main difference is that the game is a 16-bit version similar to the older gaming consoles like the Genesis and Super Nintendo. We are talking...

DCA 11 - Docker Stack Deployment

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In this article, we will cover the ability to use a text file, which is a YAML file, to build and load containers. We will also set up multiple containers and cause them to be load-balanced, all...

Checking out Tetris for BASH

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I know some of you may not be into programming. I cannot explain enough how important it can be to be able to create scripts. Automate everyday simple tasks into a script is an important ability...

Creating and Utilizing a RAM Disk

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With today's hardware speeds, there may not be a need for a RAM Disk. If anyone is still using slow hard disks instead of SSD or NVMe drives, then this may be handy.

Also, on a database system...

DCA 10 - Docker Services on Specific Nodes

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If you run Docker in a single system, not in a Swarm, then you control the containers and services on the system. If you run a Swarm, you can start containers and services, but which Node they run...

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