Where did your username come from?

Yeah, it's a wonderful thing to be performing. I'm actually a classical guitarist, by training. However, ain't nobody paying to see that - unless you're one of the top few on the planet. So, over the years, I was in many different bands covering/creating anything except classical guitar.

In theory, I'm now retired. Over the past few years, I've done some work with a high-end, high-production cover band that we put together from the remnants of another band. I'm significantly older but they're some great musicians who take their professionalism seriously.

We're very, very fortunate because there's a venue that's large enough for social distancing and my jurisdiction has decided that a one-size-fits-all policy isn't the right way to do it. As it's fairly remote and in an area with very few cases of COVID, they let gatherings happen so long as certain criteria are met.

This means the band is still able to play, albeit for less money as a portion of the income is based on what folks pay at the door. At the same time, it's not good for long-term business as they're becoming more and more a 'house band'.
Just read your post {just a tad late}.
In 1956 I was in the US Army, stationed at Ft Bliss Texas {El Paso}.
I remember going to town once to hear Andres Segovia play a concert on a Spanish guitar, seated on a folding chair in the middle of a stage. I believe the place held about 2,000 people. The acoustics were so terrific in that auditorium that everyone could hear very well. He was so good that he did not need any electronic gadgetry to enhance his performance. {by the way, he did this whole performance solo}.
I left that place in awe of his talent.

Mines is probably the most boring and obvious so far. Linux + Luxembourg (where I live). I've no idea what anyone is saying most of the time so they might have been calling me a hillbilly.
Andres Segovia

He was one of the greats. Absolutely a great.

Lemme see if I can attach something...

I'll have to zip it. You can download it, uncompress it, and hear me doing some classical Spanish music (flamenco).

Why yes, yes I have been playing for a long time.


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Obviously mine comes from love of Spongebob, and the year I was born. Even though @wizardfromoz calls me "bob", my real name is David. While I've always been a bit partial to name David, I've gotten used to it as I've gotten older.
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My apology
No harm, no foul :)
Mine is just an explanation of who I am. Earlier it used to be "Conf.used_nerd" where "Conf" was short for confused. Basically I am confused and a wannabe nerd.o_O
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Easy... First Name is Mike, 13 Foxtrot is an Artillery Forward Observer, US Army. What I did and Trained Officers how to at Ft Sill, OK.
He was one of the greats. Absolutely a great.

Lemme see if I can attach something...

I'll have to zip it. You can download it, uncompress it, and hear me doing some classical Spanish music (flamenco).

Why yes, yes I have been playing for a long time.
That was very well done. I could not really appreciate it as much as I would like, because of my deteriorating hearing. But, I could hear enough to enjoy it. My wife did also.
I still have an old 33 of Segovia stashed somewhere around the house. He did things I had never heard before on a plain old guitar. Like you said, he was great.
That was very well done.

Thanks. I've been playing for more than 5 decades and am a classically trained guitarist. I've performed for millions of people over the years. At one point, I performed because I needed the money. Then, when I no longer really needed the money (and it is not a lot of money, unless you're really lucky) I just kept performing out of habit. I traveled a lot for work and it was semi-long term, so I'd often find a band to gig with while I was in the area. So, I've played all over and played every genre out there.

Anyhow, if I wasn't good after 5 decades than I should give up. I've diligently practiced since day one. To this day, I reserve at least an hour a day to practice - and I don't mean play, I mean diligently practice skills. Obviously, I'm passionate about it. I also don't do 'half-measures' in life. So, I've invested a large number of hours.

I did the math about a year or so ago and a low estimate is that I've had a guitar in my hands for 55,000 hours. If I divided that number by the amount of money I've made playing guitar then it'd be well below minimum wage. I don't regret the time investment. To steal a phrase from a band called Sublime, "I can play the guitar like a motherf*cking riot." If not, then I should certainly have quit playing a long, long time ago.
I can play Violin. Even played by ear when I was like 9. Love the way it sounds emotional. Can play trumpet. And I play a mean Air Guitar. :D
hear me doing some classical Spanish music (flamenco).

Why yes, yes I have been playing for a long time.
Vary good! is that a twelve string?
I can play Violin.

I'm not a huge fan of the violin, but it has its place.

Vary good! is that a twelve string?

Nope. It's flamenco guitar, which is slightly different than a classical guitar, which is different than your standard six string. It's not a 12 string, I just have well-trained fingers.
Everyone shared their secrets here, so let me share mine.
I decided to use an anime picture as a profile picture, so using a Japanese name would fit the best. I used a Japanese name generator that I found from Google.

Before 2017, I always used my real name as a username for all forums. That was for 7 years. But then, I realized that my identity on all forums could be easily be traced. For example, people can Google my username and found my identity on all forums. Since then, I use unique usernames for all forums and Reddit as well. I use a password manager to store all those.

I started to realize those after reading this forum thread. Read this before you pick a username - BHW forum.

Being a webmaster, I still visit the above forum almost everyday, but I rarely comment in there.

If you want to find out whether your username can be traced back or not, you can Google your username in quote. Like "MatsuShimizu" in quote.
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But then, I realized that my identity on all forums could be easily be traced.

I'm a quasi-public figure. So, KGIII is used a lot. I use other names on other sites, when I don't want the material traced back to me. Most of the time, I just don't care and will use KGIII.
I am a bit late but never mind
I started around the age of seven helping my dad by cutting and Rubbing special brick shapes to make repairs at a local hospital,..move on I went to collage and trained as a building technician but never fitted in with general site work, so i started working for a building materials supply company, with my upbringing I fell into the construction materials side mainly bricks, after several job swaps [and a few years practice] I had built a reputation with architects, listed building inspectors, the national trust, English heritage [and some government departments not to be mentioned] to supply matching materials for their buildings I specialised in those built from 1540 to 1900 [and arts & craft], when anyone phoned where I worked they usually asked to speak to the brickman or the brickwizard..so brickwizard it is
I don't know how I missed this thread till now. But have enjoyed reading through it. Mine is simple just used my Ham Radio Call sign. Been a Ham Radio Op since 1960's and have held several calls but this one is short enough so I can remember it :)

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