Where did your username come from?

There is always LFS - Linux From Scratch

I actually had an LFS VM at one point. But, no... No, I'm not going to do that and then maintain it. I have realistic limits to my time. I might be retired, but I'm full of time commitments.

LXQt is easy to use once you learn the LXQt ways or it was for me.

Yeah, I've used it. I use it daily, now. Well, every day that they drop a new build of Lubuntu 21.04.

I'm adjusting... I don't like it, 'cause I'm old and set in my ways! It's a billion times better (for me) than Gnome. So, it has that going for it.
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I don't use it whatsoever, I'm just bad at naming things and chose this one cause I like how it sounds lol
@wizardfromoz just out of curiosity are there any usernames that go against the forum rules? I checked the Terms and Rules but didn't find a section about username restrictions. Since I could now put in a request to have my username changed to Notorious*!@#&** since there are no rules about what isn't allowed when it comes to usernames, so it might be a good idea to add a section to rules about usernames just prevent maybe future problem usernames.
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I support that name change request!

From now on, in my head, that's gonna be your username @f33dm3bits!

(Not really. I'll have forgotten this conversation within an hour or two. Yay for being old!)
From now on, in my head, that's gonna be your username @f33dm3bits!

So NPF it is :)

Be careful young fella or I'll tell people your real name is Kiwi Sheep Jumper (sorry Darren).

Saturday here so I'm a bit late with my Friday

So NPF it is :)

Be careful young fella or I'll tell people your real name is Kiwi Sheep Jumper (sorry Darren).

Saturday here so I'm a bit late with my Friday

I think everyone got my point since it was an example username to get my point across. :)
My username basically from Japanese (wind on mountain) just like the username "Oroshi". Had that for a long time ago, before that was vemon, people using then so I want to made it more like unquie (spelling??).

That pretty much :)
No, I am British from UK. I like manga/anime. I just finding "Oroshi" as s cool for username.
Ah, if you had been, I'd have recently asked a question that you could have helped with - but it's already got an answer and I assume the answer is universal.
I don't know much of Japanese language. Only very basic such as thank you, I understand, yes, thank you for the food. That pretty much lol. It very difficult to learn the language due to my hearing loss.

Main thing to you for the answered you asked for :)
Yeah, it got an answer.

I wanted to know what people who used character-based languages typed in the terminal for things like ls, cd, mkdir, sudo, etc...

It turns out that they're forced to use English characters, though I'd suspect most of those users would take advantage of the ability to create an alias and use their own language to do so. It's pretty much the best opportunity to use the aliases, so they might as well.
People can use alias in other languages. I change my own alias for ll for ls -l. Also l. For ls -a

That for me to use quick access. As I used to run on fedora Linux but now I am on arch.
Yeah, I know. LOL I also use aliases - a lot of 'em. I have been using the same .bash_aliases file for years - across many installs. I have two of 'em and they get modified for different package managers, but it keeps things consistent for me across many systems. I'm pretty much an alias zealot. I do my entire system updates (and autoremove) with 'update', for example. I ain't scared!
Lol, afraid not! I have not create alias for my update.. may be one day I create one. My Linux system is running raspberry pi (arch). But got laptop (Manjaro) but so slow.. planning to get gaming laptop after Christmas, as my wife and my self had spending a lot of money toward to extension of my house into bigger hallway and bathroom and install new bathroom. Ian pretty skint now lmao!

Once I get me laptop the. I will be using more often
Well my handle is part of my Dreamtime.
LOL Years back after going to the big city for work. Went to a bar looking for a job as the door man. (Fast part time work till you find better)
The bar lady (in her70s) yells back to the owner "Thars a big &%&^$% !@#$# hillbilly looking for work" i dont think anyone even asked my name.
@Hillbilly H may have the best username origin story so far.

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