Where did your username come from?


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Jul 23, 2020
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Mine is from a long, long time ago. Many of you are geezers, so it may not be that long ago!

It was the early 1980s. I'd finished my four year enlistment contract and was sucking at the sweat teat that was the GI Bill (except it wasn't very good back then) and we were playing a still-fairly-new game called Dungeons and Dragons.

At the same time, I was in college and needing a login (it was a timeshare mainframe system) username. Alas, "DAVID" had already been taken! Damn that David! Always getting there first!

The login box only allowed 5 characters (maybe 6, but I think it was just five). Yeah, imagine that... An entire system that only needed 5 characters for all the possible usernames they figured they'd ever need! It's laughable now, but I digress.

Not being a very creative person, my Dungeon and Dragons' character name was "King Gregory III". That obviously is longer than 5 characters and wasn't suitable for use. So, I shortened it by way of abbreviation. That resulted in "KGIII".

I've used that ever since. I've got a couple of other usernames and I use them for completely different things, leaving the KGIII for technical things, such as Linux forums, Slashdot, HN, etc... I've used it since sometime in the very early 1980s, maybe 1980 or 1981. It has served me well and there are very few other people who try to use the username. It's often available.

There are other people with the KGIII moniker, but they are few and far between. I don't use the big social media sites, so none of those KGIII-users are me. I don't Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, MySpace, etc... So, those users are just impostors. They aren't the real KGIII.

Also, I'm reasonably certain that I was using the nickname long before any of the others that have the same name. After all, I've been using it for about 40 years!

And that is how I got my username...

I based mine off of the first domain name I bought it was just actually something based off of nothing but something I thought of myself, replacing the e's with 3's.
Haw haw!

I haven't really got a history of watching TV. The pandemic came along and I told myself (and others) that I'd watch live TV until the pandemic was over. Yes, I'm an idiot. I expected it to end in a few months and have been giving a running commentary about my observations as a television viewer.

I've watched a ton of The Simpsons. I haven't even come close to seeing them all.

This has been more TV than I've watched in my entire life - and I'm old. We didn't have a TV growing up, or our access was really limited when we did have one. A lifetime of not watching TV has meant that I've been pretty productive. So, there's that!

I enjoy the Simpsons. I've decided the only truly likable member of the family is Maggie. The rest of them are all horrible people at the core.
Mine has multiple meanings I guess.

dos2unix is little tool that converts ms-dos type carriage reurns/line feeds to linux style.
But it also describes me.... an ex-Microsoft DOS guy who converted to Linux.
In a way it describes a large part of employment history. Many places I have worked want to
migrate from MS Windows to Linux. I have done this for several companies.
I was a little surprised that nobody had asked this question before I got to it. If they did, I didn't spot it in my searching.

Yeah, I'm one of those weird people that searches before posting.
Jas is from my first name (Jason). And Kinasis is the extreme metal band I was drumming for at the time I first signed up. Kinasis were a band that I was a founding member of. We came from another band called Downfall, that I’d been with since their inception in 1991. I had no plans to ever leave the band.

Unfortunately at the end of 2017, life had other ideas. I had two major injuries, in two separate incidents, in the space of a month. Injuries that had long lasting effects on my ability to play the drums. So I ended up having to retire from Kinasis - leaving band-mates I’ve been collaborating with for over half a lifetime.

If I had an inkling this was going to happen, I probably would have chosen a different username. Ha ha! However, I’ve been here as JasKinasis for several iterations of Linux.org, so I’ve stuck with it.

There is some good news. After almost a year of intensive physio, I was able to get back to drumming near the end of 2018. My injuries are always going to limit my ability. I can’t play like I used to. I’m a shadow of my former self. So no more extreme metal and no chance of ever rejoining Kinasis (unless they suddenly change their musical direction). But at least I can still drum!

I’m currently drumming for two slightly more chilled out rock bands.
"No Thursday War" and "Tim Whyte and the Deadbeats".

Unfortunately, thanks to the pandemic and lockdown, neither of the bands have done a lot this year.

Looking forward to hopefully getting back to it next year. Assuming the incompetent UK government ever gets this pandemic under control!
Looking forward to hopefully getting back to it next year.

Yeah, it's a wonderful thing to be performing. I'm actually a classical guitarist, by training. However, ain't nobody paying to see that - unless you're one of the top few on the planet. So, over the years, I was in many different bands covering/creating anything except classical guitar.

In theory, I'm now retired. Over the past few years, I've done some work with a high-end, high-production cover band that we put together from the remnants of another band. I'm significantly older but they're some great musicians who take their professionalism seriously.

We're very, very fortunate because there's a venue that's large enough for social distancing and my jurisdiction has decided that a one-size-fits-all policy isn't the right way to do it. As it's fairly remote and in an area with very few cases of COVID, they let gatherings happen so long as certain criteria are met.

This means the band is still able to play, albeit for less money as a portion of the income is based on what folks pay at the door. At the same time, it's not good for long-term business as they're becoming more and more a 'house band'.
I used to live in Condobolin (NSW, Australia)....I am a 'bloke" (Male)......

Condobolin is most often referred to as 'Condo'....

Therefore, Condobloke.
OK, I am late to the party (shock, horror).

Within days of kicking Windows out the door and running Linux exclusively, I was running 3 Linux side-by-side, and for much of the last 6 years run 50 - 100 Linux at a time, so you might regard me as a Wizard of multi-multi-multibooting Linux.

I come from Australia (the Sunshine State Queensland, so I look down the country at the bloke with good-looking dog above), hence Oz. Some devious bloke hiding behind a curtain and "bulling" Dorothy and her friends already had the name I would have liked, so I put "from" in the middle.

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run 50 - 100 Linux at a time

I'd say that I don't have even remotely enough time for that, but I have a stupid number of virtual machines that I keep functional. Well, more or less functional.

Do you boot to 'em all in some sort of schedule?
Currently running 55 - 60 while I reorganise the 3 drives (2 internal and 1 external), but I am in each and every one at least once a fortnight, running updates and then Timeshift snapshots.

I have my "faves" I tend to use on a go to basis - usually a Mint Cinnamon or MATE, a Manjaro Xfce, and an Arcolinux Cinnamon and Xfce.

But they all get a workout periodically :)
Cinnamon or MATE

Of the two, I prefer Cinnamon. MATE is pretty good. Cinnamon is my favorite after LXDE, but I need to start transitioning to LXQt and coming to grips with the fact that things change. Lubuntu is LXQt now. So, I gotta adjust or move on. I like Lubuntu, and the people involved, so I'll probably just learn LXQt.

The thing is, LXDE is like that pair of shoes that fits just right. I've used it for a long time now. I know all the quirks, how to tweak it to do what I like, and how to get it to leave me alone and let me do my work.

All good things must come to an end...
I need to start transitioning to LXQt and coming to grips with the fact that things change. Lubuntu is LXQt now. So, I gotta adjust or move on. I like Lubuntu, and the people involved, so I'll probably just learn LXQt.
I like LXQt because it's unique and most users hate it so I guess that makes me somewhat of an oddball and I'm cool with that cause I am an oddball.

LXQt is easy to use once you learn the LXQt ways or it was for me.

LXQt is supposed to be built from KDE and I may be wrong about that however my point is I hate KDE and just can't get into it but like LXQt.
I thought Leonardo (both the turtle and da Vinci) were cool :)

All good things must come to an end...

Aah, but do they? There is always LFS - Linux From Scratch - take 1 measure of Lubuntu, remove badging and replace (or keep) LXDE? But you have enough on your plate, and I do not want Mrs KGIII coming after me with an axe :)

...I guess that makes me somewhat of an oddball and I'm cool with that cause I am an oddball.

Free membership next month to join the oddballs club, and I am its President Dada (for life).


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