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The say that a boat is a hole in the water that one pours money into, but a plane is much worse, except for the insurance.
I don't want to derail the thread too much, but don't get me started on boats! I tried to like boats. I even went to the Maritime Academy to take sailing lessons for a couple of weeks.

And, I think a helicopter might be more expensive than a small plane. I have a buddy with an old Vietnam era Huey. He never has any money. On top of that, there's always something broken and something that needs to be replaced. Every time I've been in it, he mentions it needing some work and some expensive part.

Ah well...

To keep it on topic and speaking of a Vietnam era Huey, here's a song:


'bout time you put in a song, young fella :) and what a wonderful choice.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, for about 3 or 4 years, each of Elton John and Billy Joel would tour around the same time and I would go to see them each time, they were such wonderful events.

At that time, it was before some larger venues opened in Brisbane (now they can cater to 80,000 to 100,000) but the venue then, Festival Hall, could only accommodate about 4 - 5 thousand, so they would have concerts 3 to 4 nights in a row for each of them.

In December 1980 (the 8th here) I saw Elton, and he had to cancel his concert the next evening because in the interim, John Lennon had been assassinated and Elton was devastated.

The following year, he premiered in Brisbane, his song "Empty Garden", dedicated to John Lennon.

bout time you put in a song, young fella

Oh, I'm a huge fan of music. I have to be. I've diligently practiced guitar for two hours a day (when I could, sometimes more and sometimes less as time allowed) for like 55 years. I just don't bother posting any music 'cause I figure nobody is gonna spend the time listening. At the very least, I might click on 1:25 songs just for a quick reminder if I don't recall it and it's from a band I'm familiar with.

So, I talk about the music. My comments (generally) are in reference to something someone shared.

This may interest you, it's something I wrote for a now-inactive site:

I stick these Jethro Tull songs in this time every year. The first two are standard Tull, but the 3rd is one with Ian Anderson and Emerson Lake & Palmer's Greg Lake.



and finally

I love early Jethro Tull. The stuff under his own name is stuff I want to like but just can't. Heck, even some of his older stuff is stuff I can't find a way to like. But, the stuff I do like I like very, very much.
I was making myself a coffee this morning and I had to refill the sugar cannister - I started singing the song below by The Archies

I quoted some lyrics in another thread. I return to share the actual song, 'cause ain't nobody here gonna recognize it. LOL

Give it a minute or so, it's an awesome song:

Ani made some good music when she was starting out. This is one of her best songs, out of maybe a half dozen that are pretty great.

I don't share music often, but listen the lyrics are pretty awesome.
Paul - I love Zappa's guitar work, his musicians were way so talented... but I still think he ate too much of the yellow snow.;)
LOL i know Zappa clams to never have used drug BUT i think he may be lying.
LOL i know Zappa clams to never have used drug BUT i think he may be lying.

Ian Anderson claims the same thing - the floutist from Jethro Tull. I've seen him in concert and he kept disappearing behind the stacks. When returning, he had the sniffles. I'm pretty sure he was doing a mountain of coke, which is especially true when you look at his behavior.

Zappa, sorely missed by us in the guitar community, was so good that the studios were often able to intersperse his live recordings with his studio recordings. In other words, their timing was amazing. He had some great backing musicians over the years and I know of no other artist where that was consistently true.
I put this in every year - why? because I love U2 and the name fits


Happy New Year
Dylan cannot be replaced.

If you get the chance, see him in concert before it's too late. Preferably at a small venue.

Also, curiously, his MTV Unplugged album is his most refined album. The production is impressive.
@KGIII -- cannot afford most concerts, nowadays, unfortunately.
@KGIII -- cannot afford most concerts, nowadays, unfortunately.

The day of the $15 ticket is long gone, but I paid like $100 for a VIP ticket the last time I saw Dylan. Regular tickets were "just" $70.

I suppose I can afford watching more shows, but I don't. It's gotta be something/someone special for me to bother with it these days.

+1 for the feed!

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