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And you didn't know that Johnny Cash had a sense of humour ??

In between songs about murder, prison and murder in prison, Johnny had a funny streak, one that comes to the fore in this extended dad joke of a country song about a guy assembling a Frankenstein-car out of parts he's stolen off the assembly line over the decades. It’s worth it just to hear the Man in Black's voice break as he reveals the mutant car he’s inadvertently created at the song’s end.


Usually this time of year I play Jethro Tull's "A Christmas Song".

For a change, I've got "Another Christmas Song".

Take it away, Ian.

A true Australian...singing at a true Australian yearly event...Carols by Candlelight...

From July 1956 [not many will remember this one]

In amongst what I serve up here at this time of year, I usually include John Lennon's original version of the following song, but this year, I thought I'd leave it to my favourite French-Canadian songbird.

Take it away Celine Dion with "So This Is Christmas"

I include Il Divo here because Their debut album, Il Divo, became a worldwide multiplatinum selling record when released in November 2004, entering the Billboard charts at number four and selling five million copies worldwide in less than a year and knocking Robbie Williams from the number one spot in the charts.

The baritone in this group...Carlos Marin died on 19th December 2021. He was hospitalised and placed in an induced coma. His death was a result of Covid 19.

Carlos was just 53. he contracted covid on December 7th 2021

Il Divo is an internationally group ....owned by Simon Cowell.

Carlos Marin

OK, I'm predictable, but I love U2 so I play this song every year.

Take it away, Bono (Sir Paul) - New Year's Day.

Have a good year, everyone.

The commentary about Tull/Anderson in the COVID thread prompted me to write this - but then I figured I'd post it here rather than derail the COVID thread with off-topic content.

I'm a pretty big fan of Anderson, though I prefer his work with Jethro Tull more than I prefer his independent work. According to him, he doesn't do any drugs or even drink. I've seen him in concert and I'm skeptical but he may well be telling the truth.

It's also amazing how quickly he learned to play - anything. It was something like a few months to learn to play the flute.