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Let's go all kinky about apes.

The Kinks - Apeman - 1970


Apeman is good but don't you fancy.....
Hunters and Collectors - When The River Runs Dry

I loved the Unplugged version Brian presented above, but also here's the one I first heard, from the same, a-ha

In memory of Micheal Nesmith RIP

here is Mike performing post Monkees, [reminds me of Don Williams in style]
I'll compliment you video with I believe to be the original version of Joanne.

Hope you don't mind.

And one more.

Hope you don't mind.
Not at all, I tried to find something of him pre- monkees when he was a solo singer songwriter but nothing seems to be around

Something I didn't know.

For The Monkees, Nesmith wrote such songs as "Listen To The Band," "Mary, Mary," "Papa Gene's Blues" and "You Just May Be The One." According to the Associated Press, he wanted to debut breakup song "Different Drum" on "The Monkees" television show that sparked the band's 1966 creation, but music producer Don Kirshner wouldn't allow it.

Nesmith gave the song to Linda Ronstadt, and it became her first hit single, according to the AP. In 2012, Nesmith spoke with Rolling Stone about why he wanted the band to come up with their own material.

The above take from this link.
Well its approaching that time of year, so its got to be done....
I see some of you like Disturbed. Here is what I think is genius. I never liked Simon & Garfunkel's version, but this talks to my soul!

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