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Well David Bowie is at his best when he shocks no mainstream Lets Dance here.....

David Bowie Pre Ziggy Stardust - featuring Mick Ronson on guitar who would be one of the Spiders from Mars Band......
With regards to David Bowie if you really like this artist don't see this movie truly awful......
features none of his music because the family refused to have anything to do with the movie simply titled Stardust. Pity I am very interested in pre-fame Bowie....
I used to sing this song when I was 16, and still had The Voice. It was a further 2 years before I got my first serious girlfriend.

Featuring the unusual but striking vocals of David Surkamp, here is Pavlov's Dog from the Pampered Menial album, with



We lost two great singers this weekend farewell to Don Everly

And Tom T Hall
An Oldie but Goldie, from The George Baker Selection, 1969 - "Little Green Bag"


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