Post a screenshot of your Desktop


Yeah i know it's not arch but i like that icon so much :p
Nothing wrong with Endeavour, quite the contrary :)

Its Dev, Joe Kamprad @joekamprad is one of our Members, perhaps he'll swing by sometime and show us his desktop?

This is from my latest Distro installed, Peppermint OS, known as The PCNetspec Edition in honour of the late Mark Greaves, who was CEO and Project Leader of Peppermint for at least six years.

I took a bog standard wallpaper from the distros' choices, then hunted down on the Net an avatar that Mark was fond of using, and then used GIMP's layer tool to add to the page.



We need someone with some GIMP skills to remove the white background or at least make it transparent.
Nice work @BoringZombie!

I'll ping @wizardfromoz in case he wants to update his background.

Your GIMP skills far exceed my own. Far, far, exceeds my own.

We need someone with some GIMP skills to remove the white background or at least make it transparent.
You don't need GIMP for what you want. ;) I use Pinta bc it's easier to work and understand but in this particular case I didn't use that either.

1. Download the desktop image with that magician.
2. Open it in any image editor and crop it, so that the only image left is nothing else but the magician.
3. Upload it to and wait for the results. Sort them by largest image.
4. The very first image is one with transparent background.


Back to Manjaro ARM from Raspbian on my RPi4. After few weeks, raspbian became unstable. This time I pimped my Manjaro setup a bit which I usually don't do on my other setups.

Mint Xfce 20.3 - fairly standard with a few tweaks:

- modified Mint-Y theme which shows black text instead of grey (easier on my eyes)

- modified icon theme which displays green Papirus Folders and Places and Mint-Y icons (I don't like the Mint-Y folder icons and am not overly fond of the Papirus icon theme as a whole).

- CSS to change the Window Button highlighting and clock font size on the panel, and also the tooltip colours.


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