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Do you work as a Java Dev?
No, but I do write a lot of shell scripts. I use KSH. When I started on Unix in the late '80s the KORN shell would do things that BASH couldn't. Like return a value from a subroutine.

A couple of highlights:
Back in the early 2000's I wrote a set of scripts for the back end of an FTP server. The internal users would map a drive on the FTP server, drag and drop their files into a vendors outgoing folder. A background process checked for new files every five minutes. When a new file was found, it would check the database for the vendor's folder name, get the contact info for the vendor, the sender and the supervisor, create and email, send it to each of the afore mentioned people. Incoming files were easier, a process (tail) ran in the background reading the ftp logs. When the file was uploaded to the server by the vendor, the database would be queried and the original senders would be notified of the download.

Eventually, the script could even tell what plant the internal sender was in. The users IP address was converted into a whole number and checked against the whole numbers of their network and broadcast addresses. If it was in between them, bingo! It covered four different plants. The only thing that wasn't done in script was the checking for valid input from the user. It was much faster and more reliable when written in C. I am NOT a C programmer, but I did cobble something together. :)

The server ran for ten years before being replaced by a PLM (Project Life cycle Management) program, writen by a team of programmers.

In 2020 and am still working on this one. I wrote a script to pull configuration backups and update the phone books for 40+ PBX (IP) phone systems across the globe.

Just for fun, here’s a program to convert IP addresses to a number and back. Just give it a valid IP address or a whole number.


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ThinkPad X1-Yoga that was orphaned by Microsoft Windows 11 (7th generation core I7). Now running Kali and looking like Windows 11 (KDE Plasma 5). Second photo is the same machine running 32-bit Windows XP on Oracle VirtualBox which gives me a platform to run 1990s vintage vector graphics software.

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Sorry for the kinda off topic post here.

Back on the 3rd, I put up a post (on page 28) in this thread with a shell script attached. It turns an IP address into an number and back. If you use bash, you'll have to change the first line from ksh to bash

I forgot to mention that if you ping a website and turn that IP address in to a number, you can take that number and put it in your browser's URL bar, for example https://2899902958 (One of Google's addresses) and your browser will take you to the site. Some browsers will complain about it not being safe, but it does work, on every browser I've tried it on so far.

Just something to amaze and amuse your friends with.
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