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    Grub loader on ufei machine

    Hi, i bought a windows 10 hp 15-bw033wm touchscreen a12 to multi boot with kali and possibly knoppix as a diagnostic machine, however i cannot rearrange my boot loader, i was wondering if there was a way to i have not thoight of, or doni have to install grub on the windows management ufei drive...
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    I need help with Arch Linux

    I installed Arch Linux in an External HDD, the installation process was successful without and problems. Then it was time to reboot and remove the installation media in order to boot into Arch Linux from the External HDD. I removed the media and let it reboot but it went straight into windows...
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    Stuck at "grub" screen after installing recommended upgrades & rebooting.

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the Linux world and running the Pearl Mate Artful 6.0 disto. Really liking it, but it has started freezing, so I checked and there were upgrades recommended. I installed them and rebooted - and I am stuck in a "grub" screen that I can't escape from. I come from the Mac...
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    Making linux default O.S.

    Hello everyone, I'm still a "baby" in this new world, but I manage to install Ubuntu 16.04 lts on my notebook, everything seems amazing but I'm having trouble with grub; When I turn on my notebook, no matter what, windows still is the default O.S. Is there a way to change the setup so Linux...