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Oct 19, 2021
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Hi everyone!

This is my first thread on this forum. I'm pretty much a beginner in Linux, don't beat me up so much please. So, my question here is:

I have 3 drives on my computer (desktop), 1 is for a Linux distro (Arch), and the other 2 are for Windows.
I Currently have GRUB installed, and also have a boot partition, and that's the main option a want to have on the BIOS boot option. So, I would like to add Windows to the GRUB menu, I saw I have to mount the Windows partition, but since it is on a completely different drive I have no idea which partition I have to mount.

I also saw that after mounting Windows I have to run grub-mkconfig, in order to update the GRUB menu.

Thank you so much :)

I have attached lsblk command to a text file, with a legend, to see if it helps. Let me know what ever more information you want.​


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You should just be able to issue the command update-grub and all systems on connected storage (mounted or not) will be autodetected.

But if you want/need to mount them all (maybe a newfangled thing?), you'd just run this from your linux OS:
// You probably only need to mount nvme1n1p1 if
// you need to mount anything, but IDK where to
// assume Windows is as MS do a good job in
// being a mess.
// Not too sure what you meant with Windows's
// being on nvme1n1 since I see lots of sda parts.
// So I'm mounting it all

// Get root previlege
sudo -i

// Quick mount of sda, you can do manually as
// per the nvme method
// (I just prefer using /tmp/ for complex mounts)
mkdir /tmp/sda && cd /tmp/sda/
for part in $(ls /dev/sda*); do mkdir $part; mount /dev/$part $part; done
mkdir /tmp/nvme1n1p1
mkdir /tmp/nvme1n1p2
mount /dev/nvme1n1p1 /tmp/nvme1n1p1
mount /dev/nvme1n1p2 /tmp/nvme1n2p2

// GRUB finds things, you reboot

After updating GRUB, reboot.

I really doubt you need to mount anything. Partitions are scanned in ro so the system doesn't care what's mounted. I've had my system on a USB stick detected when plugged in. Anyway, there's your mount.

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