Not able to install GRUB to /dev/sda (LinuxMintXFCE20.2)


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Dec 19, 2021
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I installed linux mint with a cd on the laptop and the installation process was almost done and then I got this error message(translated from german, I am german):
"Not able to install GRUB to /dev/sda. " And then there was a dropdown menu where I could install it somewhere else, but I stopped the installation process. It was at the night and I didnt look further into it and cant tell you if in the dropdown menu anything was suggested.

so what can I do? reinstall again and check the dropdown menu for another place to install the GRUB?

HP 625 laptop: 2gb RAM; AMD V140 Processor 2.3GHz; 64bit; W7 Home Premium was installed before;

Boot from the CD to get live Linux running and try command :
 sudo fdisk -l

to see if it lists your laptop HD as being "available" . maybe also jot down what it gives as other locations and paste them here on forum?

Also see if you have gParted available from your live Linux OS and see what partitions have been created during your install.
This is the absolute minimum for Mint, [but should work]
Are you trying to make a dual boot system with your windows, or are you going for a clean installation of just mint?,
main problems when installing Linux
corrupted download, [download from a trusted local mirror from the download page]
bad burn of the installation medium [ make sure the check sums tally]
fault on the installation medium ,dud USB pen drive, dirty DVD drive/scratched or pre used DVD [try a different pen drive clean DVD heads use new DVD-r or DVD-rw,

I am guessing your machine is of 2010/2112 vintage, did you choose legacy install?


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