LFCS – Network Time Protocol (NTP)

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We covered the Network Time Protocol Daemon a little in the article ‘–-kerberos-authentication-centos7.39296/’, as well as in...

BASH 07 – Command-Line Options

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Some scripts and programs can take options from the command line. These can be very specific for the operation of a program or script.

There are two ways to handle options: placement or...

LFCS – Network Hostname

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We have gone over hostnames in previous articles, but we are going to cover it again. We’ll also be covering hostname resolution for CentOS7 and Ubuntu 18.04. Trust me, this one was difficult to...

KOMOREBI - Active Desktop Wallpaper

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Komorebi (koh-moh-rey-bee) is Japanese for the light that filters through the leaves of the trees. This can paint a beautiful picture in the imagination.

What Komorebi is, is a program to allow...

Linux: Finding Files

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When using any Operating System (OS), it is sometimes necessary to find files. Some commands we’ll cover in this article will look for specific types of files. Others will look for any file in...

BASH 06 – While Loops

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We previously covered other methods for dealing with logical structures to control the flow of the code. In this article, we will cover another method to repeat code until some value is false.


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