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There's a bunch of stuff in the thread that isn't rock. So, my understanding is 'music' is what's allowed - with the stipulation that we're a PG13 site. That'd apply to the music, as well...

Now, I don't have time (or interest) in listening to the music shared. So, I operate under the 'trust' system. I trust you to ensure you post content that's acceptable.

If I get a report (which I have so far not), I'll be much more disappointed 'cause then you've violated the trust - and that's just in the 'not cool' category.
Thank ye kindly fer yer trust! Don't be worryin' 'bout ratings o' content, 'twas merely a question o' rules "in-universe" fer this here thread. I'll naught post a thing that daytime radio wouldne post.

...Actually I'd better filter things myself. Radio last I even gave it a chance a decade or two back, censors "sh--" and "f---" and "ni----" while leaving intact lyrics describing perverse sexual acts and murder -- see a naughty word is more harmful to our kids than the gratuitous description of sex acts. That's one reason to quit radio, another being they play nothing but generic shite, but the biggest is streaming services and local storage let you build your own playlists.
I love Land of Confusion, I even like the cover (Disturbed, IDK if there were others). And that's rare since I usually hate covers of songs as much as remakes of films.
How about a bit of guitar music,

James @Fanboi glad you found your way here :)

Let's talk about Todd Rundgren. I used to and still do find his "Can We Still Be Friends?" very pleasant listening.

Others may know know Todd as being at the strings and frets of the motorcycle guitar component in "Bat Out of Hell" by the late great Meatloaf.

Todd nailed the guitar work in one take with the recording.

And just for a bit of trivia, Todd is also stepfather to Liv Rundgren Tyler (biological father Steve Tyler, Aerosmith), known for her role as Arwen Undomiel in The Lord of The Rings, and 911 Lone Star.


On content and behaviour here?

This thread's been going for 3 years, with 832 contributions and 110,000 views - my baby and I can quite easily bang any heads with a very large pair of cymbals, but I see no need to, nor do I expect to.

Anything that rocks your boat you can place here, but I would ask that if it is Classical, you can place it at @arochester 's excellent thread here.

Hey Chris, great idea for a thread, BTW. I actually looked around to see if there was a music thread a while back, thinking of starting one myself. I discovered this from your thread in your sig (checked them all out). Believe it or not, I thought it would be about Rox "Desktop Environment" (rox-filer + some other nifties can make a great X11 "DE" -- cobbled together -- which'll barely set you back 100MB), lol.
Re Todd Rundgren, I wasn't familiar with him, TBH. I mean the name sounded familiar, maybe cozza having the name Todd, make cozza Meatloaf (it's been ages since I've heard Bat Out of Hell, especially the full version and not a "radio edit"). As an irrelevant aside, every time I see or hear Meatloaf, all I think of is "What a guy!" "Makes you cry." "Und I did." lol. Anyway, I listened to a little more Rundgren on YT, and I notice he has a good sense of harmonies. That and the added electric instrumentals makes me wonder if he wasn't in some part an inspiration for/to ABBA (not a crazy fan of theirs, but I acknowledge their talent for harmonies -- my mum is, and she's a qualified concert pianist & ATCL, so I mean they gotta be fairly gifted). He uses that very prominent upbeat build-up --> rise --> accelerate --> release of the more classical rock. Wiki says his career started in 1966, which would've put him slap bang in the pioneering era, so respect to him as that makes him one of the people who helped in bringing electronic instruments into the light (and that gave birth, through a few degrees of separation, to some of the strange and experimental stuff I listen to today). Overall impression: pleasant, easy listening, and upbeat music. Kinda stuff you'd put on your mixtapes to sing along to on long drives when there's nothing but endless highway and you can afford singing along out of key without the fear you usually get when a mate hands you the mic a karaoke night.

Anything that rocks your boat you can place here, but I would ask that if it is Classical, you can place it at @arochester 's excellent thread here.
Of course... That said, the lines get blurry with Symphonic Metal, and related genres, lol. Nah, I can say if it's not classical, so that's all I need to define it; defining something by what it is not (I best not digress into that smoke-infused rabbit hole, we'll leave that to the philosophers).
And just to post something more mainstream for everyone of all ages and eras:
Angels & Airwaves - The Flight Of Apollo (Love Part One)
A&A aren't so widely known since DeLonge just didn't have Blink 182's publicity -- TBH I prefer A&A to Blink
Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" brings back some good memories.

I still love the old music but it ain't the same no more seems to remind me how much time has past and how old I am.

OH well can't be young forever huh.

I'll be 71 years old next month damn. :p
Dark Side of the Moon was a very creative album, mixed a lot of styles. Definitely had an inspirational effect on a lot on modern bands. Actually, I think Pink Floyd did that across their entire discography. There was so much style mixing.

My personal favourite piece of theirs is, more humbly, Comfortably Numb (so sue me). I dunno, the emotive guitar work aside, I feel it speaks to me empathetically. Maybe coz I suffer anxiety. Maybe coz I take enough valium to KO an elephant (for epilepsy, not my anxiety ironically).

Roger Waters is still active believe it or not. Stack that carreer against these 2-year-expiry stars today who built their carreers on ass-shaking and auto-tune, becoming actors post-expiry if they're lucky.
I still love the old music but it ain't the same no more seems to remind me how much time has past and how old I am.
Agree to a point, though I think a lot depends on the time. Modern "old music" (self-contradiction noted) makes me feel that way. Basically 2000s stuff. It's coz I sorta hit a cultural brick wall in the 2010s and couldn't didn't want to keep up any longer (I mean socially, not musically) coz every decade of "the world's gone crazy" was no match for what ensued and culminated at this point in time (can't list it because some items are social/cultural influences on media and it would violate forum rules, but you know, we all know). So when I think 2000s it's like "just yesterday"... "oh wait, 20 years ago". But the older stuff, like the 1990s and before doesn't feel like that. It's obviously because I was accepting of cultural change until more recent times.
I think that "only yesterday"... "wait, that was N decades back" affects us all.
Hey, nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
Obviously "classics" -- anything before my time that I listen to won't have that effect. So I think there's definitely a relativity point. I mean I still find it hard to reconcile in my head that the movie Back to the Future is ~40 years old.

OH well can't be young forever huh.
I thought we were talking Pink Floyd, not Bob Dylan (really subtle reference).
Let's get some Focus. There are a number of versions of this I could play, but I'll take the one from The Midnight Special first.

Here's Hocus Pocus, by Focus.

the last few days, I have been going back to my youth
I put this one in this time every year, but hey, I have 8 of her albums so consider me a fan.

Carole King


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