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Rock Roxx

Now THAT's interesting !! :) On Sloopy Girl, I used to sing along to that when I was a teenager, but the Spill The Wine clip also took me back on a memory walk.

I know a bloke, name of David De Witt (about 70 now) whose parents were my parents' best friends for 50 years or more.

David introduced me to the music of Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, and other artists.

David was lead singer in a rock band called James Elliot (he named it following a trend with bands like Jethro Tull and Uriah Heep) who won the Brisbane "Battle of the Bands" in 1975.

David and his band used to do a great "Spill The Wine" and a great (Bowie) "Jean Genie".

By the 80s, David had migrated from being a singer to doing the light shows for visiting bands, with one of his highlights being David Bowie at Lang Park Football Stadium in Brisbane on the "Serious Moonlight" tour, 16 November 1983.

Curiously enough, as best we can tell, my (later) wife Elaine and I were within metres of each other at that concert, but we were not destined to meet until March of 1998, over fourteen years on.

Here's a very grainy picture of James Elliot, and that's David in the back in the middle.


... so that was all remembered from watching your contribution, @Bartman
You prolific bugger, I can see my afternoon being spent listening to music ;)

I've got to dig up some Australian jazz, too, for @arochester 's new Thread.

Here's a couple from Australia's Missy Higgins - "Everyone's Waiting" and "Set Me On Fire"

I have been following Missy since around 2005, and she keeps delivering.

On #895 above - @AlexFinns - Alex, I'll share a story on that Phil Collins song.

In 1990, he embarked on The Serious Tour starting with Japan in February and then moving DownUnder in March.

In my local Brisbane, he had three concerts at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, March 17 - 19 and I and the lady who would ultimately become my 2nd wife attended one of them, on our second date.

He used the tour to premiere "Another Day In Paradise", which we found hauntingly beautiful. It went on to win The Grammy Awards Song of the Year in 1991.

Collins, like other brilliant artists including McCartney with Wings, Elton John and Billy Joel, would give you a three hour concert, so there was an interval of 15 - 30 minutes midway, and we took the opportunity to rush outside the hall and buy some merchandise from stalls that were supporting raising funds for homeless people.

So thanks for sharing, and taking me back, and welcome to linux.org. :)

Written on January 29th, 2022

Many of you won't be old enough to remember this one, but the words seem to ring true


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