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On #433 - @f33dm3bits - I quite enjoyed, that, surprisingly! Clever video, too.

Not my usual cup of tea, but I reckon my stepson, who is just a little older than you, would get a kick out of this, might ask him.

On #436 and #437 -

Hi Clarkie, glad you found the place :) - I think you may have to be subscribed to spotify to get the picture, all I got was a black screen

... and thanks Brian, for facilitating. Big like - remind me a little of some elements of Kansas, Boston, and Uriah Heep.
I have found that some videos I post as media, they seem to be unavailable. So seems like for some videos youtube has a prevention method from them being inserted as media in other locations than youtube :(
In Memoriam to Sean Connery, I'll start the ball rolling with James Bond film theme songs.

The first two films, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, did not have any song, but the the 3rd, the idea took off and continued.

Take it away Shirley!

and from Thunderball, a former Welsh coal miner, name of Tom Jones

One of the most iconic bands in Australia from the mid-70s through to the mid-80s was Cold Chisel, headed up by Scots-born Jimmy Barnes.

Here's "Forever Now"

Easy listening for me in the 90s was Sade.

Here's "Smooth Operator"

and "No Ordinary Love"



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