Rock Roxx

R.I.P. Helen Reddy. :(

And lastly in ecclectic fashion, this was yesterdays stuck tune...
Here's a quick and dirty cover of Eddie's song Eruption.
Here's a little Matchbox 20.

Elaine says to me "Have you put that song in it?" and I say "No, I just have to Google it".

Elaine has Bi-polar Disorder One, bordering on Borderline Personality Disorder, which can involve self-harm. It is lifelong, and she is medicated.

We go well together (over 22 years, now) because I have 8 mental disorders you can read the list here, if you wish

The point? Matchbox 20 have a song "(I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just A Little) Unwell"

We like it, hope you do.


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This is one of my fave songs out of about 2002, when it was a jingle for Mitsubishi cars, I think.

It is now, in Oz, being used for a new Macdonald's ad, but a cover version and changed to more jazzy.

This is the original, by The New Radicals.



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I'm kick'n back listening to some Stratovarius on Spotify.
Gday FBClark, Welcome to way you can let us hear what you are listening to ?
Condo, your signature, remember that time wounds all heels.
You're welcome!!

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