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Rock Roxx

Here is one you may remember. Music by Zamfir!
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I love this. This is the first song from a project featuring Tom Harris (vocalist from Kinasis, who I used to drum for) and some other friends of mine.
All created over the Internet during the covid19 lockdown:

WOW, that was MAD - loved it.

Thanks for sharing.

Pencil me in for one
Saw Jethro Toll, live in San Antonio, January 1975. Best Intro to a concert I ever saw. High as a kite.
Playing catch up here :)

Brian, my thoughts on #286

Love love love Love love love Love love love Love love love


It's going to be a good day.

#286....what a wonderful pair of voices.......and yet they seem to have just disappeared from the 'public' eye
I have often wondered if he could become another Johnny Farnham (oops....John !)

and Fatai...well, the sky should be the only limit for that girl

A couple of Aussie bands here, Goanna, and Mondo Rock.

I am going to be featuring a large amount of rock, and there is a blurry definition between Pop and Soft Rock, but I am sure we can accommodate all tastes.

I'll start this off with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), joined by Nash and Crosby of Crosby Stills Nash & Young

I saw in one of your comments something you said about SE Qld...i'm on the not so sunny (atm) Sunny Coast Q ....so nice to be meeting other Linux Aussies on here... the movement is growing...and Russia has just completely ousted billy goat gates MS spyware outta the whole darn nation..good for Putin..
I used to own a Health Food Store...and, have helped many ppl with various issues, comfrey cream (comfrey) the common name is 'knit' bone...also Arnica pillules works wonders for internal damage, bruising but also other damage...my little shitsu poodle was backed onto by a car, she was unable to walk or even stand by herself for days, but we got her some Arnica pillules, and within 2 weeks she was completely able to do most that she could before and she was about 14yo when the accident occurred.. she had obviously had serious injury as when she was eventually able to support herself enough (day/night 3) to use her bowels she passed some really (old blood) bloody stools, which confirmed my suspicions that she had indeed had quite severe internal damage...
One of my customers from my health food store had done his hamstring, and by drinking fresh leaf comfrey smoothies he was walking normally within a week..far sooner than was the GP's prognosis....obviously he was a very happy chappy...
If you are unable to acquire fresh comfrey, (once upon a time you could buy comfrey tablets, but sadly no more!! Gov't bureaucracy BS) find the strongest comfrey cream you can get and use externally, is better than nothing...
All the best with it..Wizard of Oz, from a fellow Linuxer down under...
G'day @Aussie Girl :)

Sounds to me like you could do well to Post at Member Introductions


There, you will meet a few more of "the gang", including some Aussies.

Cheers and


Chris Turner
Thanks Chris Turner, for the pointer will take up the intro sometime tomorrow...hope the shoulder is going well and you had a good wkend yrself... defs looking fwd to meeting up with a few more Aussies who are into Linux :cool:

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