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Rock Roxx

got more to watch, but eugor - 2 cellos - legend !!!

my stepson was a cellist at high school, and now, 36, still occasionally buys or rents one and shakes off the rust. he went to see the 2 cellos when they were in oz a few years ago

i can see why :D

thanks for sharing

My son was also a cellist in high school. Sadly, his home was recently broken into, and his cello was stolen. Really? Out in the sticks in Alabama? Makes you wonder where they pawned it!

Thank you ! I miss Gallagher and some of that good humor ! May God, Kharma, Allah, etc... per your belief ,keep, strengthen, and comfort all of us through this global crisis. Amen
Jimi Hendrix's style was definitely unique and captivating.


My favorite of all time Paul Desmond on sax, Gene on bass, Brubeck on keys and Joe Morello on drums.
Old Geezer TC
Many moons ago, I played drums in high school and later in the 62nd Army band.
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@70 Tango Charlie
I'm also a bit partial to Dave Brubeck - especially that tune.
I tried to learn to play the guitar in my younger days but I was all thumbs
My new band No Thursday War unleashed a brand new video a couple of weeks ago. I completely forgot about this thread, or I would have shared it earlier.
This is Cardio Man taken from our forthcoming four song EP!

This video wasn't due to be released for a few months, but in the wake of the lockdowns that have resulted from the global C-19 pandemic, we decided to release it to provide some entertainment for our fans!
So who were you texting on the loo, Jas? Or was it sudoku? :D

Here's a couple of the Ladies of Rock -

Pattis Smith with "Because The Night"

and Pat Benatar, "Love is a Battlefield"


The crystal clear voice of Iva Davies heading up Icehouse, with two hits -

Man of Colours from the album of the same name


... , and Crazy, also from that album

oh you mean the guy that sings about beating his Mother, girls or as he flows the hoes, and killing cops - - that guy ! Yeah I suppose as long as you don't put him up against any real talent of song writers and only compare him to a dog turd he is I would guess.
Couldn't agree more, mate!!!!:) I don't understand the silence, though;):p.
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