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@Brickwizard :-

I'm assuming that's Stonehenge, of course. Wikipedia has this image:-

....which looks very similar. Apparently Britain and Northwestern France between them possesse one of the highest concentrations of these things in the world:-

Britain alone is home to somewhere over 1300 of these ancient monuments at the last count. Stonehenge is one of the only henges in the world where the horizontal 'lintel' stones remain sitting across the outer ring of vertical 'standing stones' this case of 'sarsen', or silicified sandstone. The inner ring is composed of standing 'bluestone'.

Considering the average weight of these stones is estimated to be anywhere from 4 to 7 tons, it really is an incredible feat of late Neolithic/early Bronze Age 'civil' engineering.

Mike. :)
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Britain alone is home to somewhere over 1300 of these ancient monuments at the last count.
Not just stone circles, but also Henges [they are not the same thing not all stone circles are in a henge which is a large circular ditch and bank with one entrance, they may have stones, wooden post in side them or nothing at all] this is an image of Avebury henge and circle which clearly shows the bank and ditch,

Stone henge is probably the best known across the world, but I think Avebury circle has a deeper spiritual feel to it
The intent of my previous post was to tease @Brickwizard, that's all. I knew that Stonehenge is ancient, much much older than Brickwizard. There are "henge" art projects and replicas scattered around the US and around the world. In the US, the best known is probably "Carhenge".

We live in Southern California. Very few people (even locals) know about our own Bunnyhenge in Newport Beach:
The intent of my previous post was to tease @Brickwizard, that's all.
If i had thought it to be more, I would have asked the wife [a Pendle witch] to put a hex on you.:eek:
One of my many interests is the archaeology of ancient man, in the UK. I was born 3 miles from the site where Swanscombe man was found.
Swanscombe Man, human fossil remnants consisting of three large cranial bones (two parietals and an occipital) of a young female found in well-stratified gravels of the River Thames at Swanscombe in Kent, England. Discovered in 1935, 1936, and 1955, the remains were dated to about 300,000 years ago by chemical tests and by association with animal remains and Acheulean hand axes also found at the site. The Swanscombe skull predates the Neanderthals and is usually classified as an archaic Homo sapiens, also called H. heidelbergensis.
When I was 5 years old, I held one like him in my arms and I would swear he whispered something to me.

They seldom smell bad, except when they have chlamydia, which can can be one of their afflictions, even causing them to drop out of a tree - hence the origins of the Drop Bear myth.
My first Gentoo install, with a hand-configured kernel, and running GNOME with extensions, Catppuccin shell and GTK-3/4 theme, using Papirus icons and Material cursors.

My Gentoo desktop on GNOME 43, now with Tiling and a Floating Top Panel extensions, and using the Catppuccin Shell / GTK-3/4 Theme, Papirus icons, and Material cursors.

Decided to go with a space theme this time, and with subtler graphical effects for less distraction; now on GNOME 43.3 and using the Dracula color scheme for the terminal, code and text editors, the Jasper Dracula (Dark) shell theme, and the Tela Circle Dracula (Dark) icon theme.

Very creative, including the vid


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