Post a screenshot of your Desktop

It's like...woah...i'm in the matrix and nothing makes sense anymore!
Give it a try.

This distro still has to go a long way. As an example, you have to manually set up monitor resolution each time you turn on the system.
I moved repos to Parabola and it works great.
@rado64: What is that information panel on the right side of the screen?

Zorin OS probably has best light theme i have seen, and doesn't burn my eyes.
Theme and icons downloaded from GitHub, testing still Zorin on another SSD. :D
Mike asked:

Very pretty.
Pringle chips ... stylised :)
^^^ :D:D

Kinda what I thought myself when I first saw it...

Actually, it's one of the 'projected' background images for the upcoming Windows 12:-

Now; nothing will ever persuade me to run/use Windows again, no matter HOW M$ develop it.....but that wallpaper just 'spoke' to me (I like this 'abstract' stuff. Always have). Especially the 'light' variant (IMO, the 'dark' variant doesn't look right, somehow. It just looks drab!)

(And this from someone that normally prefers dark backgrounds....)

Mike. ;)
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@kc1di :-

Hey, Dave.

Reminds me of the gear an uncle of mine used to mess around with. He was a sergeant-major in the Royal Hong Kong Constabulary before the war, but got captured by the Japs and spent much of the war in prison as a his case, at the Yodogawa Branch Camp in Osaka.

When he returned after the war, he'd suffered so badly from malnutrition and beri-beri that the lenses of his eyes had all but disintegrated, and to all intents & purposes was legally blind. The opticians had to create special glasses for him to take the place of his normal lenses; these had to fit his skull very tightly, so he had permanent 'grooves' in the side of his temples. He'd always had an interest in radio, and electronics in general, and was a dedicated "radio ham". Built all his own equipment, too...including a 60-foot mast in the back garden..!

Mike. :D
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Hi Mike,
I used that Receiver for many years. Was very good before the age of Transistors. Been a ham here since 1966.
well my new monitor arrived and so a new desktop
Screenshot from 2023-02-28 09-43-54.png
Debian Sid, with new Debian 12 Emerald wallpaper, plank, conky, Icons: Papirus-Dark


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