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Have you ever seen a trio of dogs as good looking as these?

Make sure you watch the video clip

It's an American holiday (albeit not an official one) where we watch the NFL Super Bowl and go to work hungover on Monday.

The punter (kicker) is from Perth, Australia.

He's Mitch Wishnowsky and is the first Australian to ever play in the Super Bowl.
The Bathurst 12 Hour is this weekend.

Zoom zoom!

(And go BMW!!!)
INTERNATIONAL VIEWERS.......these are the watching choices.

The action will be broadcast on YouTube, courtesy of the Repco Bathurst 12 Hour channel, as well as SRO's GT World channel. This stream will be free to view to all international viewers outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Social media
For the first time, all four practice sessions on Friday and two on Saturday will be streamed live and free, in sound and vision, in Australia and globally via the Bathurst 12 Hour social media channels. Follow @bathurst12hour to join the coverage.

Radio Show Ltd
Radio Show Ltd will carry the event live in Audio across the three days via their RS1 channel. Head to and click the 'Listen Live' button to open the player.
I'll add that I'm a giant fan of GTWorld on YouTube, as referenced above.

I don't want to give any information away, but there's likely to be someone named "That Guy" that's watching, but not always active in chat. Also, that "That Guy" guy needs sleep so probably won't watch the full 12 hours this year. "That Guy" will stay awake for a few 24 hour races (including the recent Daytona race), or at least nap sporadically.

If you happen to watch the race, look for "That Guy" - even 'after hours', which is after I close for the night and don't worry about it until the following day. If you see 'em, feel free to say hello!

Also, "That Guy" is a horrible name choice. Any time someone says 'that guy' in chat, it highlights it as though they're talking to me. Lessons were learned...

If you're not into GT/endurance racing, you should be! You can see people with a lot of skill (and a whole lot of money) racing top of the line supercars. My daily driver is an M6 Competition which shares more parts with the race car than it shares with the road-going car. It's known as 'homologation'. You'll see Ferarri, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, BMW, McLaren, Ginetta, and more. I think they even homologated a Mustang, if you're a fan of American muscle.

They change drivers and race for up to 24 hours straight. This one is just 12 hours - but it's on The Mountain. If you're unfamiliar with Bathurst, it's amazing! As you cross Skyline and head into the twisties, there's like no margin for error. There will be some mayhem that mindlessly causes millions of dollars in damage to the field of cars going through.

It's glorious!

This is up there with the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, Le Mans, Spa 24 Hours, Daytona 24, etc...

Also, I miss Brock (Peter Perfect). Back in the days when I'd only be able to see snippets of the race coverage here in the US, he was a heck of a highlight reel. Being able to stream the entire race on YouTube is one heck of a good thing. Brocky was the greatest GT racer Australia has ever had - and the numbers show it. He truly was King Of The Mountain.

(Also, that's Mount Panorama for my non-Aussie friends. I should probably mention that.)

I was confused until I read the article. The solar panels mounted on the vehicle don't add much energy, simply by size and maximum efficiency. They also charge from their home (also solar) and have batteries in the van.

That said...

(That's the race.)
I forgot to share this earlier:

I'm a Bimmer fan. They came in 5th, which is a solid finish. The new 911s are very impressive in the wet (and dry). They gained a well-deserved victory. Fittingly, Matt Campbell is from Australia. I believe they reside in Bathurst, but don't quote me on that one.

They, the same team, also won the 24 Hours of Daytona.

As for BMW, there was a second car running in 1st and then dropped to 3rd, losing some time at a pitstop.

They were passing an amateur driver in a Ginetta. They went wide, slamming the BMW into the wall - almost sending them over the wall. The rear part of the BMW was up and over the barrier, but it stayed on the track. It was obviously the end of their race.

I believe there's another race coming right up - the 1000 km done by am Aussie touring car series. It's either their V8 series or maybe the Australian Touring Car Championship. I'm not exactly sure. For reference, the 12 hour race sees them doing more than 2000 km.
In the early hours of February 19, 1942, hundreds of Imperial Japanese fighters led the first of two devastating attacks on Australian soil, killing more than 250 people in one day.


Even I know about that. There were a couple of raids. I believe they were the largest foreign attack on Australian soil, but don't quote me on that.

However, I've read a lot of WWII books, watched a lot of WWII documentaries, and studied a great deal of conflict history. So, it seems normal that I'd know about this. I do love history, especially the history of conflicts.

I seem to recall that some priest gave a warning of the attack but it took some time (not that much) to make it up the chain and be confirmed.

I like bats. I have bat boxes to attract more bats. There are so many myths about bats that just aren't true. For example, they can see just fine. So saying that someone is blind as a bat isn't a very good analogy.

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