Australia - The Land Down Under

We've something far worse than fire ants...Cane Toads and they're not going anywhere.

It's all our fault too.

It seemed like a great idea at first, however, the cane beetles and the cane toads rarely crossed paths. Cane beetles live high on the upper stalks of the cane plant, and cane toads can’t jump that far so they barely had any impact!

Wasn't that a brilliant piece of research...... duh !
and the population is now over 200 million
Austraila...the land of the great Rip-Off.

If you live here you know how high the cost of living is...Petrol...Food and everything else but here's a good one...

Just before the 5G network began to be rolled out...the two large carriers announced new 5G mobile plans...of cause these plans were much higher than existing 4G plans because you pay more for a better service don't you.

I'm with one of the smaller carriers although my mobile phone is 5G carrier is 4G which I'm happy with. The other day when I was out...I went to make a call and I noticed my phone had the 5G symbol showing where the 4G symbol was and when I went to my carrier's website it's now 5G with the same plans at no extra cost...what's going on here...what happened to we have to pay more to get a better service...I never paid more to go from 3G to 4G.

When mobile phones first came had to pay a connection couldn't buy a phone were locked in for 12 months at 80/90 cents a internet...then get an unlock code that wasn't free either.

It seems times haven't changed except we have more carriers...just as well. If anyone is wondering if 5G is better than 4G...I can't tell.

Australian lizards have evolved resistance to deadly venom, but some snakes 'fire back'​

ABC Science

By Fleur Connick

Posted Fri 26 Apr 2024 at 6:00am


Professor Fry with a desert spotted monitor (Varanus panoptes rubidus), commonly known as a sand goanna, in Western Australia. (Supplied: Bryan Fry)

Family-friendly music festivals finding success as cost-of-living crisis deflates bigger, pop-focused events​

ABC Broken Hill
/ By Coquohalla Connor and Grace Atta


The 2023 Mundi Mundi Bash attracted more than 12,000 to Far West NSW.(Supplied: Matt Williams (Mundi Mundi Bash))


Hydrogen is made by running electricity through water, which splits water into its components — hydrogen and oxygen.

A hydrogen generation unit will be built alongside an existing gas-fired unit at the Barcaldine Power Station.

Outback energy deal signals biggest investment in western Queensland 'since the railway'​

An alliance of rural councils has signed an agreement with CopperString's founders to build a 930km "clean energy corridor" transmission line from Hughenden in the west to Biloela, one of Queensland's major power hubs.
map showing proposed transmission mine from Hughenden to Barcaldine
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Dr Garnaut said hydrogen had the same ability to create energy as gas, only "cleaner".

Hydrogen is made by running electricity through water, which splits water into its components — hydrogen and oxygen.

"The main difference is that after the hydrogen burns, it's water vapour or steam that goes into the atmosphere, and a bit more water in the atmosphere doesn't hurt anyone," he said.
It's just another Rip Off.
RIP Frank Ifield

Hopefully I don't derail this thread with off topic question, but, if I want to move to live in Australia how much money on hand would I need to start living there?

I don't seek living in the center of a town but not further away than 10km from a city.

My relative lived in Australia but he passed away so I can't ask them, but just curious what do you think?

Also how easy it would be to find a job in IT?