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So, what does this pic tell you ?....bear in mind this is an area I never look at....thus I have no clue.

Only thing 'running' here was my desktop

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Well, the first thing I noticed was that you are using 1.3 GB of RAM. Since I'm not a real guru when it comes to how Linux uses RAM, somebody else needs to chime in to clarify. If it requires 1.3 GB regardless of how much physical RAM is available, I'd say it's using way more RAM than I'd like to see. On the other hand, if it only uses 1.3 GB because it has 16 GB available, then that's a different story. 8.1% is a livable percentage of RAM used in most cases. Since I only have 8 GB available, would it then use only around 650 MB?

The Mint install I have on this laptop is burning a little less than that and I'm not pleased with that much being used. When I was running Q4OS, I think it only used 250 MB or so of my physical RAM. That's what I'm looking for. Something definitely under 400 MB. I'm not exactly sure why, but in my mind I put that 400 MB figure in as what I'd like to see as the most used.

Back in my windows days, there was a "thing" which invaded almost every window user I knew.
That thing was space.

every man and his dog was obsessed with something using more space than it 'should'......in their opinion.

Anyway the damn 'thing' was a communicable disease...it spread everywhere. There were a whole world of "cleaners' to take care of said problem.

I couldn't give a toss about it. i had a 500 gb drive which was more than big enough for my needs. Cleaners be damned.

The same attitude on my part applies to ram. It used to be expensive (depending on your point of view via your wallet)....but now, mostly all ram is pretty cheap. For a few hundred bucks you can expand the capability of your pc/laptop, and you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time. Most of the time.

My point is this: I could not give a rat's posterior if my pc uses 1gb of ram or 8gb when it is sitting there at idle. As long as it performs the way I wish it to when I call on it to extractum digitum and get stuck into it.....then all is well. If such a call on my part shows clearly that the ram is lacking....then I will buy more....right up to the capacity of the motherboard if I have to. (64GB)
Edit to add:...and as long as all other considerations are equal.....eg, no rising temps etc

Such a scenario would be unlikely, but you get my drift.

The fact that one cpu became 'stuck'....yeah that perturbed me.

I note that in the middle of writing this blurb, that the site has started the bad Gateway Error..502 thing Again.
THAT perturbs me....ticks me off. I will need to copy and paste this to an email page or whatever so I dont lose it.
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I figure RAM is meant to be used (within reason). Reason and that whole law of diminishing returns. The more RAM the merrier and the more I'm using the better the OS runs. Of course, you want some free RAM for opening new things and to allow the system to eat some as needed.
Ram = Munchies for pc's/laptops

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