linux mint

  1. D

    Skyrim (Steam Play) not detecting my graphics card

    When I launch skyrim, the launcher only shows my onboard graphics, and doesnt show my AMD graphics card. It launches but runs unbearably slow. Anyone have a fix?
  2. S

    Linux Mint 19.1 Canon MG5550 printer problems

    I have had Linux Mint 19.1 and Canon network printer installed for me by a computer solution shop. There are 2 problems which I cannot rectify. Problem No.1 the shop cannot rectify. 1. Printing results in 4 pages printed on one page. Tried changing the page layout from 4 to 1 but this makes...
  3. Z

    Can't Install Linux

    So my Laptop was broken because of BSoD(Hard Drive Issues) and I was making a Bootable Linux USB(Both Ubuntu and Mint xmse)So that I can fix my Laptop because Windows 7 won't even boot Mint xmse booted smoothly and I Tried to install it but it will always stuck on Preparing to Install Linux The...
  4. K

    Long loading system!

    Hi all, anyone familiar with Linux mint? I have a problem - a long loading system(about 5-7 minutes) I Use a MacBook 4.1 early 2008. Before that was manjaro linux, this problem was not.
  5. S

    Linux Mint: Black screen with mouse pointer after login.

    Hi all, I have been using Linux Mint (Cinnamon desktop) without issue for some time. Today when I started the computer and logged in I was greeted with a black screen and a mouse pointer only, no desktop. I searched and found posts relating to the same issue on Google where a solution has been...
  6. Alboy1975

    Complete linux noobie, ordered secondhand laptop (what i need to know)

    Hi I am awaiting delivery of the below laptop, which I've picked up for £170: I have been around computers most of my...
  7. K

    AMD R7 M440 driver for linux mint, Help

    I have HP note book 15-AY102NJ that comes with AMD Radeon R7 M440 2GB. Unfortunately Mint doesn't recognize my video card. Please Help me! specs: Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor 2.7GHz AMD Radeon R7 M440 2GB Linux shaykopf-HP-Notebook 4.4.0-70-generic #91-Ubuntu SMP Wed Mar 22 12:47:43 UTC...