What Linux distribution is best suited for Ansible AWX?


Nov 30, 2021
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I´ve got 3 options to work with as controller:

I like Ubuntu based distributions and if it possible I prefer go with LlinuxMint
(Probably not best suited for Ansible AWX, but I wanna know for sure)

Really appreciate your answer and experience

Are you going to use Ansible for yourself personally or for the company you work for?
In theory, it should work the same on any Ubuntu 20,04 LTS based distribution
I've gotten AWX to work on CentOS and Fedora in the past. I've only been able to get the official "Tower" to work on Redhat.
Ansible itself, the CLI version, will run on any distro of Linux I've found so far.
Just re-installed awx today, first time in a year. Changed a bit.
You'll need a beefier box now. 2cpus and 4GB RAM barely cut it. I recommend 4core and8GB.
Obviously you will need ansible
You will need python3-pip
You'll need a distro that supports podman or docker.
You'll need to install kubernetes minikube.

You can use these docs for minikube

After that, use these docs for the install.

I just setup AWX in my lab as well, havent done much, but AWX is up and running in a container. I used docker-compse to deploy it.

For OS, I am running Ansible AWX on Ubuntu Server 20.04.3

I think for best OS, it depends on where you run the app, in an enterprise, you're probably going to use RHEL, CentOS, Rocky, and maybe even Fedora, Ubuntu server is also an option.

I am pretty sure AWX can run on most Linux distros, but for enterprise, you typically stick to the ones I mentioned above.


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