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  1. luke schrom

    I'm new

    So I need help I'm getting a pc to build and I want to put Ubuntu on it but I don't have internet. I downloaded the file at my school and I did a little digging and I put it on a DVD-r but I'm not sure if it's going to work and I'm not using any other Linux unless if there is no other way.
  2. Raakhee Toolsi-Boodhoo

    New to Linux. Please help

    I have had about enough of Windows and their continuous updates. A friend suggested I use Linux so can someone please advise which version I should download to start with?
  3. M

    I need help with Arch Linux

    I installed Arch Linux in an External HDD, the installation process was successful without and problems. Then it was time to reboot and remove the installation media in order to boot into Arch Linux from the External HDD. I removed the media and let it reboot but it went straight into windows...
  4. Baxmin

    Chrome OS to Linux, Little help?

    I have just got a new(ish) Cromebook, model XE303C12-A01US. I need to know if #1 if i can even get a version of Linux on such a old Cromebook. #2 what would be a good version to put on my chromebook. I am a cartoonist and would like to install some drivers on my laptop for a pen tablet. and you...
  5. L

    Can't boot into Linux Mint to install

    Hello! I have started this thread because I cannot boot into linux mint to install it, I have the same problem as the guy on this thread: https://www.linux.org/threads/linux-mint-wont-install-black-screen.13482/ and don't know what to do. When I boot into the usb with or without adding...
  6. jerahmia gaither

    Never tried linux before, have an old laptop how do i install?

    I want to take windows off of an all dell latitude E6400 that seems to be stuck in a stupid start up loop and i wanna try taking everything off and installing linux and try it out i am not completely illiterate with computers but i kinda just want to get a step by step maybe the best versions...
  7. D

    Want Some Help

    It has been nearly 2 hours that I started browsing and learning about Linux. I am a complete novice when it comes to Linux. I just know a few basic things. I have an old HP 500 laptop running on Windows XP PROFESSIONAL it's specs are given in this link-...
  8. A

    Dual Booting

    I am setting up a new computer for games and work. I have looked into Wine/Play on Linux, and also into VMWare for games. Both of those had compatibility issues, and when I did get them working they did not run with the best quality. I do not want to spend a lot of my time on trying to get...
  9. V


    So Im on a mental meltdown edge, where I sit down with head between my knees bite my nails and watch the empire fall. My computer woke up today to see that he suffers similar mental disorder as his master... it appears he have no memory, to be more specific 'no bootable device', I felt brave...
  10. T

    Help Installing Zorin OS On Lenovo Flex 3

    I need help installing the Zorin Core OS on my Lenovo Flex 3-1130. I can put the OS on a USB just fine, however, I can't get into the bios. I pressed every key known to man to enter the bios. None of them work. When I go into my Windows 10 settings and boot into advanced settings to boot from...
  11. A

    Black screen

    I recently downloaded kali Linux on an old computer. When it was downloading the OS my computer overheated and I had to manually restart it, now it boots past the loading screen (Where it says press f8 f3 and ect) And then it goes to a blank dos looking screen and doesn't do anything else. Any...