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  1. S

    Steam Client Window Parameter error

    Arch Linux Endeavour OS When trying to run Steam through XRDP (and only XRDP) this error pops up in the konsole and the Steam Client fails to open. I've tried reading some of the Steam Client logs but nothing seems to stand out
  2. alexban011

    Loud pop and then noise when using headphones

    I've had this problem occur on every single distro that I tried. I have a realtek sound card in my asus g551vw, but am using the drivers from intel (kernel) since the ones from realtek are ancient (2018) and use an even older kernel (there is a warning to only use kernel 3.18 or LOWER ?? is that...
  3. I_lelouch

    How can I fix this warning?

    pacman -Syu :: Synchronizing package databases... core is up to date extra is up to date community is up to date multilib is up to date :: Starting full system upgrade... warning: lib32-mesa: local (22.0.0-1) is newer than multilib (21.3.8-2) there is nothing to do
  4. Nigh Knight

    Can't seem to start i3-gaps for some reason

    This is the only resource I have: i3-gaps log. It simply starts then exists, I have nothing else to say nor other resources to provide.
  5. Lobo1980

    [SOLVED] Can't install Plank or Latte docks on Artix

    Hello guys this is my first post. I'm trying to install a dock on Artix but I can't. After a long research I found that it may be because I have not enable the community repository on /etc/pacman.conf But trying to enable it I found that [community] repository does not appear at all. sudo...
  6. smooth_buddha

    How to save config files and settings to github, How is it done?

    Hey guys i have a github account and been customizing my Arch and Arco linux, but what im not sure of is how to back up my settings and configs, like which files i should back up. For a while ive kept installing and re-configing which is not efficient and eats up much time! Is it the .config...
  7. smooth_buddha

    If your new to Arch linux you should check out ARCO LINUX, a distro designed to teach and master linux!

    cam across this awesome website and distro Arco Linux has awesome website which has a "learning path" which different phases to learn all about linux by gradually learning how to use all the different fascets that build up your linux distro It looks great, anybody new to linux or Arch linux...
  8. smooth_buddha

    Im curious to know what extra programs and settings some of you Arch users add to your system after install that are not mentioned in General Recom?

    Ive been reading the "genreal recommendations" list on the Arch wiki , which is awesome and feel im learning a lot just by reading it but Id like to ask all of you that use Arch are there any extras, programs or configs that any of you do that are not on that Arch wiki recommendation list...
  9. T

    wlan network interface not showing

    Hi, I recently installed arch on my laptop. It lacks an ethernet port so I've had to use wireless, It's been working on and off for a few days but now the wlan interface won't show when I run 'ip link'. I can see it's been detected in lspci and it is written, 'Kernel driver in use: iwlwifi'...
  10. T

    Arch v.s. Linux from Scratch v.s. DIY Linux

    I was looking to make a “custom” distro for my crappy laptop and I was wondering which one is better. I have a Celeron and 4g of ram and 32/64g of storage if that helps, I know.
  11. ExperiBassMusic

    Intel CPU spikes when rendering video

    Hello! owo7 I've been all over discord and telegram and havent found a solution for my issue, so im coming here. I have a really weird issue: when rendering video (playing games, watching youtube), my CPU usage will randomly spike to 100% usage and slow down the system considerably until it...
  12. S

    Keyboard keypress not working

    I installed awesome wm in vanilla arch recently. The dm is lightdm. Today I tried to play minecraft but while playing I noticed few bugs. Firstly I couldn't press more than 2 keyboard buttons at once. And the second one is if i am typing something in game like commands or chat and if i press...
  13. Puffer Man

    [SOLVED] Random Full System Crashes on Arch Installation :(

    Good afternoon everyone! SUMMARY: I've been sadly suffering random full system crashes in my Arch installation since I've first installed it, circa December 2020. Yes its been a very long time... also lots of progress abruptly interrupted... I have a thread in the Arch Linux official forums...
  14. archiman.ch5

    Screen Brightness Issue

    i have installed Arch i3 on a laptop and soon found the following issue... 1. hotkeys for brightness not working 2. hotkeys for volume not working also can i install a settings application on i3 ???
  15. W

    GNOME base applications uninstall

    I just downloaded arch linux and when I look through my applications there are a lot of applications that are downloaded when I downloaded gnome and I want to uninstall them. I cant find any way to though. I have tried using pacman to uninstall and it says that it can't find them. How do I...
  16. N

    Dolphin file manager won't start

    Hello! Faced such a problem. When I try to open the Dolphin folder, it crashes. The error handler has the following error: Application: Dolphin (dolphin), signal: Segmentation fault [KCrash Handler] #4 0x00007f63cb3c4a1e in KUrlNavigator::locationUrl(int) const () from...
  17. bonkmaykr

    KDE Compositor is driving me insane

    I'm sure alot of you fellow Plasma users are already aware, but KDE has a bit of a problem. The compsitor is buggy as all hell. First of all, it's not entirely compatible with the official Geforce drivers, and it crashes. A lot. I'm letting this one go since it's not KDE's fault, NVIDIA won't...
  18. archiman.ch5

    Stuck in a boot loop

    i installed linux and linux headers and rebooted then removed limux-zen kernel... then updated grub config... but then also i'm stuck at this... what to do
  19. archiman.ch5

    How to fix Conky's Ram and Storage Reading :(

  20. archiman.ch5


    Have you tried Garuda Linux ? Tell Me how you feel in the comment section.