Keyboard keypress not working


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Oct 23, 2021
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I installed awesome wm in vanilla arch recently. The dm is lightdm. Today I tried to play minecraft but while playing I noticed few bugs. Firstly I couldn't press more than 2 keyboard buttons at once. And the second one is if i am typing something in game like commands or chat and if i press backspace it deletes a whole word instead or a single character.

Here is the neofetch:


Report the issue to the AwesomeWM github project.
Agreed with f33dm3bits. Awesome, AFAIK, performs "key grabbing" (most WMs seem to).

That said, you're using an Inspiron and I've had keyboard issues in the past running XFCE, so you may want to try testing it in another DE or with another WM just to rule out a key mapping error or keyboard layout derp, in which case let us know, maybe we can help. You might want to checkout the xmodmao package as you can manually remap keys. It won't solve the 2-keypress limit, but it's a start.

Edit: that's "xmodmap" blasted smart phone.
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Another reason maybe the game shortcuts may coincide with Linux shortcuts creating issues, does it have those issues outside of the game?