1. L

    Text Based Game in Bash - Help Wanted

    Hello! I am a 16 year old who just got into programming. I am fairly new, but I have been trying to learn Bash. I thought a fun project I can attempt is to to make a small text based game based on "Lemonade Stand" from the late 70s. I created a very simple version (works, most of the time)...
  2. K

    First time on Linux, I need someone to guide me

    Hello everyone! I'm thinking on switching from Windows 10 to Linux, because Windows 10 is garbage with the new Ryzen processors (it works, but the OS can't really handle the multi-cores and it's really inefficient, half of the time the cores are processing the information, the cores are moving...
  3. G

    Running Windows 10 VM in Pop_OS

    Hello, I have convinced one of my friends to switch to Linux Pop_OS, he is extremely happy with it and achieving better fps in certain games, GTA V for example, However some of the games he plays don't work on Linux, not with Lutris, Steamplay, Etc, . So i...
  4. GardenData61371

    Can I mod games on Linux?

    Best example being Skyrim. Will my 400 mod list work under Wine?
  5. GardenData61371

    Should I switch to Linux now that I have the chance?

    I ordered a 1TB SSD for gaming. But I'll have to reinstall my OS(I use Windows for gaming) Then a thought came to mind. Since I'll have to reinstall my OS why not put Arch on it? Now that gaming on Linux is better than ever,and I can mod skyrim on it. Should I finally make the switch now that I...
  6. R

    Sparky not running steam

    Hi guys I am running sparky linux on my laptop following specs. CPU 8x Intel(R) core (TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz RAM 8125MB (398MB used) It is running Linux 4.9.0-8 amd64 (x86_64) Sparky linux When I run steam. Absolutely nothing happens. Like really nothing. I double click and nothing...
  7. D

    Skyrim (Steam Play) not detecting my graphics card

    When I launch skyrim, the launcher only shows my onboard graphics, and doesnt show my AMD graphics card. It launches but runs unbearably slow. Anyone have a fix?
  8. GardenData61371

    How can I game on Linux?

    I really want to switch to Linux but the biggest problem is that I am a gamer. I have a few games that I love but are only on Windows. How can I continue playing my games on Linux?
  9. V

    Transitioning away from corporate and into open source

    Hello all! I feel like I want to "get off the grid", I believe is the expression. Basically everything I do is dependent on Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple... and I feel like it's all too much. I want to start taking up measures in order to protect myself and my personal information better...
  10. weazel

    Linux Operating System for Console.

    Linux Developers should get together and make a Linux distro for a console (xbox,ps,switch,raspie,other) that is open source and anyone can use it for free and for any thang. It's Just a idea maybe it will happen someday and the console will become open source.
  11. GardenData61371

    Good distro for a gamer coming from Windows?

    Hi. I'm new here so sorry if a posted this in the wrong place. I wanted to switch to Linux ever since i heard about it 2 years ago. I never could do it because i'm a gamer. But now with Steam Play and all this stuff, can i finally make the switch? If yes, which distro is good for me? P.S. I...