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When my brother was younger, he used to collect video game magazines from Playstation, Xbox, Electronic Gaming Monthly, etc. If I remember correctly, he was supposedly getting rid of them around the time he was moving into his college dorm because he wouldn't have the space for them, and I've held onto them ever since. When picking up an issue recently, I was thinking back to how retro-gaming and homebrewing video games have become more of a thing in recent years, which led to me wanting to ask these questions about them.

Could homebrewed games for retro consoles lead to a situation where no one buys new consoles?

If someone were to mass distribute a homebrewed game for retro consoles, would they need to go through companies like Nintendo or Sega in order to do so? (While I was searching online just now, I found out Nintendo requires a license for “all games”, but doesn’t specify if those are only for current consoles or all consoles)

Being that the ESRB is a voluntary ratings system, can a developer distribute an unrated game without criticism? If enough developers do so, would that eventually lead to the ESRB being abolished like the Comics Code Authority?
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