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Apr 23, 2022
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Hi everybody :)
I have to buy a new monitor. I need the following features: 24"/27", VESA support (for attaching it to the wall), 75hz or more, VA or IPS.
My use case: Coding, word processing, office stuff, casual gaming (Sonic Mania, LoL, Minecraft, the Cycle, Apex Legends).
150€ is the budget but I can spend up to 200€.

As I specified, I mean the mounting hardware and not the display. Idk if monitors use a different standard or if it's outdated, I thought I was clear on the post that I was referring to the mounting thing. I literally said "for attaching it to the wall" to avoid ambiguities
I understood, but I was a bit confused too. Making VESA bold detracts from (for attaching it to the wall). Your title introduced the ambiguity as "VESA Monitor" would indicate display to most people, rather than mounting hardware. Technical computer geeks like us will almost always interpret VESA in any context to mean display.

Everything on the main web page at is about display, and only very little information about the mounting standard is provided in the "STANDARDS & SPECS" sub-category.

Sorry that I don't have any monitor recommendations for you.
I literally said "for attaching it to the wall" to avoid ambiguities

I don't mind, but I don't know why you're quoting me - I'm the one that knew what you meant.

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