How to save config files and settings to github, How is it done?


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Feb 13, 2020
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Hey guys i have a github account and been customizing my Arch and Arco linux, but what im not sure of is how to back up my settings and configs, like which files i should back up. For a while ive kept installing and re-configing which is not efficient and eats up much time!

Is it the .config folder in home directory, is ther also folders and files i have to backup from /etc ???

Then once they are saved i use a git clone to put them back onto a freshly installed system,do the configs just go back into home folder and they should work provided i reinstalled the applications for the configs and settings???? Forgive me if this doesnt make to much sense ive never backed up configs or settings before and would really like to know how its done as this will save me much time having to type out commands and manually re download everytime i do a reinstall. the creator of Arco linux has some "nemesis" scripts which are awesome and we can use a template to add or remove software we want or dont want.
But im not a 100% how this process of backing up configs is done

no problem at all, yeah its a lot and I never really started backing up my dots but i might read through it too. if anyone else has suggestions for OP feel free.
etckeeper -
The etckeeper program is a tool to let /etc be stored in a git, mercurial,
brz or darcs repository. It hooks into APT to automatically commit changes
made to /etc during package upgrades. It tracks file metadata that version
control systems do not normally support, but that is important for /etc, such
as the permissions of /etc/shadow. It's quite modular and configurable, while
also being simple to use if you understand the basics of working with version

It is in the Debian repos, not sure about other distros.

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