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  1. D

    AUR Libpng15 GPG key outdated (Solved)

    I come to you all if with an important message. If you try to install Maya (or other software requiring Libpng15) then you will find that the GPG key is outdated, if this happens then run this comand gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 8048643BA2C840F4F92A195FF54984BFA16C640F :)
  2. T

    Every time I install grub, I can't get into the BIOS

    I installed Arch Linux alongside Windows and I can boot both operating systems after pressing F12. But when I want to go into the BIOS, the screen goes black and there is a small white line in the upper left corner. Then I reinstalled the BIOS, but the I can no longer boot Arch Linux. But if I...
  3. archiman.ch5

    Screen Tearing

    everytime i screen record I face screen tearing issue. And somtimes I face this issue when my laptop i ideal. I use Arch Linux KDE with Intel i5 8th Gen CPU and AMD R5 M330 2GB GPU. Need help
  4. archiman.ch5

    Unknown Open Collaboration Service API error. (0). How to fix this ?

    I'm having this issue for 2 days. first in Kubuntu and today in Arch Linux KDE Plasma... first i thought "" is down but no. i was wrong. kindly help..
  5. S

    Arch with Gaming VM Help!

    So I'm new to the whole linux in general but I wanted to see if it would be possible to install Arch Linux on my laptop and install a Windows 10 gaming VM on that Linux. I have Asus VivoBook M570DD with Ryzen 7 3700U, 8gb of ram and GTX 1050. I saw a youtuber do it but in order to create...
  6. S

    Pulseeffects issue on Arch Linux

    Hi all, I've been having a really weird issue with pulseeffects on my Arch installation. Sometimes it will just stop working and I have to run pulseeffects -q to restart for it to work again. In the past I usually had a lot of audio crackling and jittering at times using pulseeffects. There is...
  7. superboy2k6

    Create custom live cd from existing installation?

    Hi, so I wanted to create a live cd of my VM's Arch Linux installation and make it bootable. It should be the exact replica of what installation I have. I went ahead and checked this forum: But I didn't understand one of the following replies...
  8. A

    How to fix (MAKEPKG) installation problem?

    i want install yay for download package from Aur ArchLinux I don't know what to do, thank you for guiding us When I use the git clone and use the makepkg -si command , it gives this error git clone cd yay makepkg -si Error text: ==> ERROR: Cannot find the...
  9. A

    boot stuck on /dev/sda1 clean(part 2)

    Hello, it seems like my original thread doesn't get any more replies, so i'll post a follow up to make sure it's seen. I still want to get my system back without formatting the partition it's on. Here is the original thread (it has a page 2)...
  10. superboy2k6

    Zenity - Create new user and password creator

    Hi, Is there any way to use zenity to create new user along with a password. I would like to create a shell script of it. I know python very well but not much about shell scripting. My first try was (absolutely wrong): $data=zenity --password echo $data useradd -m liveuser passwd liveuser $data...
  11. superboy2k6

    yay not installing in Arch linux

    Hello again, After a fresh install of Arch Linux, I went ahead and made a shell program (.sh) which has these lines: echo Installing yay in this machine git clone cd yay sudo makepkg -si But it shows an error stating like this: ERROR: Running makepkg as...
  12. superboy2k6

    dhcpcd.service does not exist (Virtualbox)

    "superboy" again... When I was installing Arch Linux, I found out that when I typed systemctl enable dhcpcd.service it said that the service did not exist! I skipped this thinking it was not much of a big deal. But after the installation, I tried to ping And it failed to ping. So I...
  13. D

    Which Linux distro for programming

    Hey guys, I wonder which Linux distro you recommend to me to program. I'm still hesitating between Arch Linux and Ubuntu and Debian. Which programming languages I 'use' you can find in the description of my acc. Thanks in advance!:) Dominic
  14. D

    Troubles with crontab

    Hi guys, I would say I'm a very n00 n00b to linux in general and I'm currently scratching my head rather vigorously (and have been for the last 3 hours) about crontab. Here's my setup (probably completely irrelevant but hey): I have an old desktop PC (a box with a brain) whose sole purpose is...
  15. J

    Efi grub installation

    Hello. I was hired by someone to install Arch on their older computer. They have an Efi system and I tried to install grub and os-prober like on a bios system because I didn't realize it's an Efi computer until it was too late. When I unmounted the partitions and rebooted, the computer entered...
  16. J

    Ubuntu replacement

    Hello. I have win10(/dev/sda1,sda2,sda3) and ubuntu mate 18.10(/dev/sda4) on my pc. I plan to install Arch Linux in dualboot with windows. I was wondering if i need to re-install grub(/dev/sda) as part of the install process because i will format /dev/sda4 with cfdisk and skip creating swap...
  17. dreamtraveler

    Help with Arch commands during installation (debugging)

    Hello people, I decided to set up arch and in the process when i was inside the OS i didn't have terminal and browser here are the commands please tell me what i did wrong. thanks 1. Boot the .iso 3. ping Ctrl+c to quit 4. timedatectl set-ntp true 5. timedatectl status 6...
  18. WolfMandraagora

    GUI Driver manager for Arch based distros?

    Hi, I am sorry if this is the wrong place for this topic. Mods feel free to move it if appropriate. I am running Antergos at the moment, but also occasionally try other Arch based distros. In distros like manjaro, you have MHWD to manage drivers. But I have not been able to find an alternative...
  19. L

    Arch and Developers - supported IDEs

    Hi guys, I am thinking to install on Arch linux on my new laptop, but I am really new to it. I used debian distros and I am familiar with it(how complicate can it be (: ). Now I want to install Arch, but I am not sure how well is supported for IDEs(Android Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse)? I have not...
  20. A

    New member comes to say Hello

    Hello guys. I'm student of the IT but i never met any Linux fan around me. I'm using Linux since 2010 but i never joined to any type of linux community. I'm worked with Debian server in the early 2010 and in the 2012 i completely moved to the GNU/Linux on my PC. Now I'm using Arch Linux with...