arch linux

  1. superboy2k6

    yay not installing in Arch linux

    Hello again, After a fresh install of Arch Linux, I went ahead and made a shell program (.sh) which has these lines: echo Installing yay in this machine git clone cd yay sudo makepkg -si But it shows an error stating like this: ERROR: Running makepkg as...
  2. superboy2k6

    dhcpcd.service does not exist (Virtualbox)

    "superboy" again... When I was installing Arch Linux, I found out that when I typed systemctl enable dhcpcd.service it said that the service did not exist! I skipped this thinking it was not much of a big deal. But after the installation, I tried to ping And it failed to ping. So I...
  3. D

    Which Linux distro for programming

    Hey guys, I wonder which Linux distro you recommend to me to program. I'm still hesitating between Arch Linux and Ubuntu and Debian. Which programming languages I 'use' you can find in the description of my acc. Thanks in advance!:) Dominic
  4. D

    Troubles with crontab

    Hi guys, I would say I'm a very n00 n00b to linux in general and I'm currently scratching my head rather vigorously (and have been for the last 3 hours) about crontab. Here's my setup (probably completely irrelevant but hey): I have an old desktop PC (a box with a brain) whose sole purpose is...
  5. J

    Efi grub installation

    Hello. I was hired by someone to install Arch on their older computer. They have an Efi system and I tried to install grub and os-prober like on a bios system because I didn't realize it's an Efi computer until it was too late. When I unmounted the partitions and rebooted, the computer entered...
  6. J

    Ubuntu replacement

    Hello. I have win10(/dev/sda1,sda2,sda3) and ubuntu mate 18.10(/dev/sda4) on my pc. I plan to install Arch Linux in dualboot with windows. I was wondering if i need to re-install grub(/dev/sda) as part of the install process because i will format /dev/sda4 with cfdisk and skip creating swap...
  7. dreamtraveler

    Help with Arch commands during installation (debugging)

    Hello people, I decided to set up arch and in the process when i was inside the OS i didn't have terminal and browser here are the commands please tell me what i did wrong. thanks 1. Boot the .iso 3. ping Ctrl+c to quit 4. timedatectl set-ntp true 5. timedatectl status 6...
  8. WolfMandraagora

    GUI Driver manager for Arch based distros?

    Hi, I am sorry if this is the wrong place for this topic. Mods feel free to move it if appropriate. I am running Antergos at the moment, but also occasionally try other Arch based distros. In distros like manjaro, you have MHWD to manage drivers. But I have not been able to find an alternative...
  9. L

    Arch and Developers - supported IDEs

    Hi guys, I am thinking to install on Arch linux on my new laptop, but I am really new to it. I used debian distros and I am familiar with it(how complicate can it be (: ). Now I want to install Arch, but I am not sure how well is supported for IDEs(Android Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse)? I have not...
  10. A

    New member comes to say Hello

    Hello guys. I'm student of the IT but i never met any Linux fan around me. I'm using Linux since 2010 but i never joined to any type of linux community. I'm worked with Debian server in the early 2010 and in the 2012 i completely moved to the GNU/Linux on my PC. Now I'm using Arch Linux with...