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Jun 23, 2019
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Hey guys,

I wonder which Linux distro you recommend to me to program. I'm still hesitating between Arch Linux and Ubuntu and Debian.
Which programming languages I 'use' you can find in the description of my acc.

Thanks in advance!:)


Why not try Arch Linux, Ubuntu and Debian in turn?
They Are all great distros but Arch would probably be best for programming
Speaking as a professional software developer - It honestly doesn't matter. They all have the same development tools available. Use whatever distro you want to use!
In a thread like this you'll always get a few Fanboys recommending their favorite distro.
But it literally makes no difference!
Any distro is good for programming. All you need is an idea, an internet connection and a text editor. This can be accomplished in Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, Manjaro or even Gentoo.
You can start the programming on any distro. I personally use centos but as others suggested, you can go for other distros too.

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